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When I was in primary
school, I never knew the
national anthem was in
English language. Back then,
it used to
be like:

"Ariz oh compamshown
Najeriya skolobey
Tusa awa fadaslan
witlo an sley Ange
Dale bo of awahirosfa
Shaleba vi inveh
Tusa tusa awa mayt
Worle shobon in frido
Pisan yuniti"

Hehehe, don't laugh at me, I
know you also sang it like that.

Spottykay Publisher
hahahahaha,You pray someone don't kill me today with these
Who's gonna do that and what for?
Spottykay Publisher
Why am I not going to die you talked about treachery and arise o compashawn,so why won't I Die of laughing
 I never mentioned that in my post!
Spottykay Publisher
I mean the war against lassa fever
That was never on this board!
Spottykay Publisher
haaa but you posted it where a mouse was being punished like Jesus
Yes and it wasn't on this topic. Which is the more reason why you shouldn't be talking about it here. Look I tried to ignore your comments thinking you would see sense but it's obvious you don't.
 I am bored with deleting your posts! Its high time you did the right thing, don't mention the rat, lassa fever nor treachery here, there has been a board for that!
Spottykay Publisher
No I wasn't trying to do that but is it bad just to mention two posts with each other?I'm only saying its funny
Yes, assuming it wasn't just me and you, that could have changed the topic completely and it is against the rules.
Spottykay Publisher
Okay I'l take note of that

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