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Can you beat the highest score on the Chicken Shoot Game?

Stanley Mbam
A lady wanted a house boy,
she went over to Tayo and he
brought his younger brother

"What is so special about dis boy"
said d lady.

"he is sharp" replied Tayo.

Then the lady asked Akpors " how do i look"

Akpors replied " you look like a

The lady turned to Tayo and said
" i can't take such a rude boy".

Tayo pleaded with her to wait on
a lil, he took Akpors to d back of
the house and dipped him inside
a bucket of water,
when he brought him out he said to him
"insult that lady one more time
and i will dip u inside a bucket
of water again".

He took Akpors back to the lady and said " pls ma'am ask him another question;

Lady: If i come home with a man,
who is he?

Akpors: Your husband.

Lady: 2 men?

Akpors: Your husband and his

Lady: 3 men?

Akpos: Your husband, his
brother and your brother.

Lady: 4 men?

Akpors: Bros Tayo get the f**k'n
bucket of water, i already told u,
she is a PROSTITUTE!!!!!

Don't care what you think
funny akpos lolz!!! keep it up
it made me laugh,bravo.

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