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Here, I'll be keeping you up to date with slicks jokes and entertainments from a lad by name Aproko.
 Please do not confuse yourself with Akpos, they are two different individuals.
 Like my page "Sir-Phil" on Facebook.
 Thanks and God bless.

APROKO in school
  Aproko was in a class when he noticed his teacher sleeping. He walked up to his teacher and the following conversation took place.
  APROKO: Sir, are you sleeping?
  TEACHER: No am not.
  APROKO: Then why are you bowing your head against the table?
  TEACHER: I was talking to God.

The next day Aproko too fell asleep in the class. His teacher walked up to him and asked angrily.
 TEACHER: Aproko! Why are you sleeping in my class?
  APROKO: No I wasn't sleeping sir.
  TEACHER: What were you doing then?
   APROKO: I was talking to God.
   TEACHER: And what did God say?
   APROKO: He said he never spoke to you yesterday!

LOL, don't laugh alone. Share the fun.
I just hope you 've liked that so far. Stay tuned, there is a lot more for you.
Question: How do you identify APROKO
                  in a class?
Answer: He's the guy who erases his
                book whenever the teacher
                cleans the board!
Spottykay Publisher
Hahaha You Make Me Laugh A Lot
You haven't seen anything yet!
Spottykay Publisher
ehn ehn you mean more is coming
More than you ever anticipated for.
Spottykay Publisher
I'm waiting ooo
But you have to be patient. Besides, the secret to each successful show is to leave your audience wanting more.
Spottykay Publisher
Okayyyyyyy I'm patient
Follow on IG @official_don462
Follow and laugh
You welcome. Always find time to navigate and share your experience here with us.
Spottykay Publisher
I Wish,he'll See To That
You know him?
Spottykay Publisher
You spoke as if it were you who cajoled him into signing up.
Spottykay Publisher
Hahaha I knew you'd say that,but I didn't bring him
I don't know, I sometimes even offer my phone to help people sign up but all they keep on doing is making vain promises. Am really getting sick and tired of it.


Death came To a APROKO and said "my
friend APROKO today is your day". APROKO said
"but i am not ready" and death said,
"well you are next on my list." so APROKO tried
to plead with death but
it Refused,
"Ok why not take a sit while I
you something to eat before we go.?"
the APROKO said while shaking...
and death said "alright then." APROKO gave death some food and had a wicked thought of adding
poison on it, but said
to Himself, 'since it is Death, poison
won't have any effect on it,' so he added
some sleeping pills in it, Death finished eating and fell asleep when asleep, APROKO took the Death list, Rubbed his name from top of the list and Wrote it at the bottom of the list. So when Death woke up he said to APROKO,
"Because you
have been so nice to Me with much
hospitality that I
even Fell asleep, I will start the LIST FROM THE BOTTOM!!"

     APROKO Fainted
During church service, a 16-year old pastor's
daughter stood up and says: "praise the lord"
everybody shouted with joy, "hallelujah"
she continued:
"since the age of 13, i have been experiencing
painful monthly periods. But now. After a
series of bible studies and prayers with
brother APROKO in his house, my monthly
periods have stopped for more than 3 months
now. No more pain, no more menstruation.
You can see am even getting fatter and
We are starting to pray seriously about the
small problem of vomiting, especially in the
morning. Praise the lord".
The whole church was silent!
Brother APROKO fainted.
What did you think was the problem?
Spottykay Publisher
Ah menstruation is good but she's not,then that's the work of the devil nothing concerns bros aproko abi
That girl's explanation spoke otherwise of mensuration
Spottykay Publisher
That's good of her saying good to being disabled from menstruation
menstrualion is a disease
You still do not understand why the congregation kept silent?

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