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Please if any one knows the food for feeding birds please post it here

Chris Head Mod.
I know they eat raw groundnut / peanut. Do u want to rear birds?
there was a bird i saw hanging on a wall so i took it and started taking care of it but i don't know what to give the bird till the bird died the third day
Spottykay that's kinda touchy a story. #Goosebumps , sorry for the loss.
I'm not known, not even by myselft,
grains eg rice, maize etc
Grains and maize and peanut
Birds usually feed on grains. They are as well omnivorous so, grounded flesh or bone meals help to develop their body calcium concentration.
are bed the right thing to serve as a pet
It depends on the kind of bird, they can be trained at a tender age.
becus i see only pigeons are easy to get but birds like normal eagle,parrot and other beautiful bird are not easy
Its not always good rearing some folks of birds; but you can rear ones like pigeon and doves; and birds also like millet for food.
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hmm i'd prefer a white dove but can they also be eaten and also u forgot quail i think its serves as food
Ok take an instance where you rear an eagle as a pet, what would you feed an eagle with? Will it not end up preying on your chicken?
hahahaha its true but is a dove easy to get
Eagle is difficult to rare o and you can easily get a white dove if you want to.
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Even a white dove can go wild if it finds a more salty water somewhere else, it may fly never to return
ahah so birds are hard to serue as pet but pigeon never does so
The pigeons' fate is not too different to that of a dove

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