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Spottykay Publisher
a very happy day
I can never.
I regard every December 25 as other days of the year: No difference.
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Give me a couple of days to reconsider an answer then.
Alright; l like you make a research on this.
Its strictly idol worship.
I never knew this, until bible schorlars (with God's Help) opened my eyes to this reality.
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I am begining to see sense in this too, look at the way the Americans celebrate it, they only talk about Santa Clause! He calls himself 'Father Christmass' and all the children are taught to celebrate Santa Clause on December 25th, very soon, there would live a genaration in America that knows not the true purpose of Christmas but rather clebrate it to honour Santa Clause!
In fact, ask people of the dyed egg they use and the red colour.
People have been celebrating the idol 'mas' on that same day before Christ was born and when a bible began to open my eyes to this, l was surprised to hear this, but l went on research myself through dake's reference bible and other bibles and discovered this truth.
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Spottykay Publisher
all these are known to the both of you and not me many people didnt think that way
@Spottykay, are you serving God according to the thinking of people or you want to do the will of God?
Dont turn yourself to religious fanatic, who follows people's opinion dogmatically.
We are talking about how to make heaven here and not what you think or what people think.
Can you point to where xmas is in the bible?
Can you point to a verse where Jesus told us to celebrate his birth?
Remember this verse of the bible:
"...... If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues(chaos, destructive diseases or problems) that are written in this book:"
If you want to make heaven and please God, do only what the bible commands us to do.
The Bible Says:
"Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil;....."
Exodus 23:2.
And the book of Luke 16:15 says:
"..... for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."
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Spottykay Publisher
hmm.................its good curse but people dont do it for mas and what if we pray before doing it,and its all a celebration
I 've noticed this only on Santa Claus. Also, there are other films which purely goes against the information obtained from the Bible, you want proof? Check "Legend of the Seeker"
Spottykay Publisher
sir phil that's just a film which i dont believe it has anything good
Haaaa Spottykay,I can see you're kidding here;you said people dont do it for 'mas', but they name it after 'mas' & doing it on the day that babylonian people have been worshipping mas(sun).
It means  if people name a celebration "worship of satan", you can join them and say you're doing it for God.
But one thing,l dont like arguing on God's Word like this;if l tell somebody the mind of God,and the person continues to argue, l will leave him to his conscience.
Remember that you have heard this truth. Do what you like o.
Spottykay, case closed on this matter.
Not a fight o; we are friends; but l dont want us to argue on it again.
@Sir-phil, you are saying the truth; many of these films have satanic backing and can totally mis-lead us. l watched part of "Legend of the seeker", though not all of it.
The reason is, the world is corrupted with demonic poison; only God can save us; that is why we,who want to make heaven should strive to enter the straight gate & the narrow way.
Many mighty men are falling!
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Spottykay Publisher
eh i'm scared of that world demonic and i hate it.But there's no choice only if i have my own family i'll refuse to celebrate but i cant escape with parents
Well, you have a point there; but do you know you can convince your parents on this issue?
l have seen youths like that who led their parents even out of erroneous belief, with wisdom of God. But you cannot be arguing with your parents if they refuse, but you can make a trial; but if they still refuse you cannot force them, because they are your parents.
May God help you to follow Him.
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But Paul, What if I propose within myself that am celebrating Christ instead of any other gods on Christmas day?
  And as for Legend of the Seeker, I suggest you try watching all of it. You 'all see exactly what am saying. A complete opposite of what we have in the Bible!!!
Hmmmm, but celebrating it ought to be in another day and not with the name xmas.
One cogent point here is that the roman worshippers of 'mas'(god of sun) are still doing it till today on the same day.
Another cogent point: Jesus did not instruct us to do so and if we as christians want to do it on our own, why not choosing another day, with another name ,not attached to idol's name?
About Lengend of the seeker; that is one; what of all these Nigerian films; I may give you some errors(that is against the bible) in Nigerian Films.
Thousands of these film makers and actors(esses) are teaching people against the word of God.
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I still refuse to rule out Christmas celebrations, Mass may not necessarily be referred to an idol in this regard, even if someone may carelessly think the idol to be Christ Himself, the Second Commandment kicks against it.
 Now, the fact that Jesus never instructed us as Christians to do this to remember him, it leaves us a choice and you 've made yours. I think others who celebrate Christ on Dec 25th should go ahead and wirhout any fear celebrate Him.
 Come to think of it, there is no other name that is been heard of worldwide rather Jesus's!
It shows how greater He is above other man-made gods.
 We should be thankful to God for that.
Philemon, your argument is baseless: no reference to the bible or anything:that is Dogmatism: you just assume. You said you understood this topic & you're talking against it now:you even comdemned xmas yourself on santa clause' issue(December 18, 8:42Am, under this same topic).
Wait a moment;dont mince words;its not "mass", its "mas".
There is clear difference between the two.
You said, it may not mean idol; that means you have not read where l told you to read in Dake's Annotated Reference Bible(page 137).
Have you contacted Roman deity historical book?
Why do you want to judge with world-wide opinion?-Luke 16:15.
You can also contact the world encyclopedia:the world history, not the bible history alone.
There is no doubt that "mas" is the name of the god of sun.
If you realy go on research and lay aside this dogmatic world-wide belief,you would have seen the truth yourself.
I honour the name, Jesus as you do (Matthew 7:21-23), but do you remember Uzzah who wants to help God & what happened?- 2Samuel 6:1-7.
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Well if I decide to call it Mass and I celebrate Christ-Mass, then am good with it. I dont care if the whole world calls it mas, all I know is that am more than grateful Christ was born, this Special day in my life has been designed for Him and Him alone.
Spottykay Publisher
Ok to end this why don't you call it christ celebration and forget mas and others and when the celebration on process don't think of mas or any but have faith in christ
Thats just for you, me  and this sight. But what about the rest of the world, what are they gonna call it?
Spottykay Publisher
Ok you guys win,now i have enough evidence to convince my parents because i just did a research on google about mas idol and all what i find was like this x'mas idol festival which i believe whoops!!! God forgive me ooo
Your point is still not clear, @Spottykay
Spottykay Publisher
i mean i went to google and typed xmas idol and the topics of the results were x'mas idol festival i mean x'mas is an idol which they celebrates its festival
And thats enough reason for you to abolish what you believe in? I dont know anything called Xmas, call it thay if you deem fit; But I celebrate Christmas!

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