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Mr A
1. Cook some white rice, and set it
2. In another pot, put some diced
meat, vegetables, onions, spices and whatever else you want in the fried rice (we'll call this 'seasoning')
3. Take a fry-pan and oil it lightly.
4. Put about a cup of the rice in it,
add some of the seasoning in
with it. Use a wooden utensil to
mix it around in the fry-pan
until it is well mixed.
5. Repeat until all the fried rice is

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Emm..u ar a good cooker.nigeria sha
Hmmn u've just introduce me to another method of cooking fried rice
Thanks, i taught they fry it as they fry egg...
Mr A
Mr A Admin
@Ola, thank you.
@Honeydee, it is fast and simple.
@Miracle, that is probably how they do it in the village.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
Wow! nice...tnx
i agree wit honeydee.MR.A you said it fast and simple i will try it.thanks MR.A
we need  pot, cooker, rice, green beans nd peas, vegetable oil, carrot, liver, maggi, salt nd if possible chicken.
i will try it,da wil make me vilage expirience.
hmm dat is nice i love it,i will try it
I'm not surprised cos i believe even a blind man should know how to prepare fried rice.... Cos the name of the food alone has said it all "FRIED RICE"
1. You wash your rice
2. Put the Fry Pan the stove with Oil and Fry your rice.
 ...And before you know your rice would have been fried there your fried rice is ready. Kah'pish.?
  You try it and tell me how it taste, I'm waiting.
U've Rily Made Me Learnt Another Way Of Cooking Fried Rice, Tanks.
Hey! YOU There...Lets be friends!

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