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The rules are simpe:Answer a question correctly n ask urs.E.g:what is ur name?Ans:sir-phil.What hepened on Oct 1st 1960?

Ans:Nigeria got her independence.What is the full meaning of W.H.O.?
Ans: World Health Organization.
Quest: In what year did Nigeria gained total sovereignty over herself without any form of external interferrance?
Ans:1963.Who was the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria?
Ans: Mrs Funmilayo Ransome Kuti. But Mrs Bianca Ojukwu was the first woman to buy a car in Nigeria.
 What is the full meaning of NGO?
Ans: Non Governmental Organisation. What is the full meaning of NCC?
Ans: Nigerian Communications Commission. How old is and At what date(day, month & year) was she founded?
Well i guess only the Administrator and Chris can answer that. But try your luck Phil, you may get it.

@Chris and Mr A, please do not answer. Leave it to other moderators, members and guests to do so. I just want to pick out the smartest amongst them all.
Dont disclose it! Am out for a research work.
@Marvisdby: I have an idea, its 2013. U ar gonna tell me its correct b4 we proceed to the next question.   
Nope. You'r wrong dear. Besides you didn't even state the date. If i were to score you, it will be 5/100 for the fact that you made an attempt. So there's no way we can proceed until someone gives the right and complete answer.
 Try Again!
Easynaija is 1yr and 11months(Approximately).founded on friday 13/1/2012.
Congrats Miss Mod, WINNER 50.
  You got it right.
Next: Who is Mr A, Chris & Marvisdby?
Mr. A Is The Administrator.Chris Is The Head Moderator. Marvisdby Is One Of The Moderators
state the country you know that is not colonise in africa.
Ans:-Ethiopia. Who discovered Electricity?
Guyz nah, whats going on?
Ans:Michael Faraday.which state in Nigeria is"the centre of excellence"?
Ans:- Lagos. Where was the first fed. capital in Nigeria located?
Ans:Calabar.Who is the president of united nations(U.N)?
There is no President of the United Nations as a whole. However, there are a number of assemblies which have presidents who set the pace and act as chairpeople. For the General Assembly is Her Excellency Sheikha Hay Rashed Al Khalifa of Bahraim
Though, pple think U.N's President is Ali Abdussalam Treki of Libya. Others say it John William Ashe of Antigua & Barbuda. When pple think of the leader of U.N they'r also referring to the Secretary General, who is the Voice of U.N. He is Ba ki Moon of South Korea.
How many offices are there in the State Constituencies of The Federal Republic of Nigeria?
Hey!!!type.error,I was refering to Ban Ki Moon(secretary general of U.N )tanx for the fire the next question.
How many offices are there in the State Constituencies of The Federal Republic of Nigeria?
Ans:3offices representing (3)zones in d state.When was the last partial  eclipse of d sun in Nigeria(Day,date nd time)?
Ans: There is no specified date to tell the time, where or when the last Nigerian eclipse of the sun or moon took place. Since all newspapers & magazines like The Nigerianbulletin, Ngrguardiannews, The Punch, TimeandDate, TheNigerian Voice and Africanspotlight newspapers writes different opinions on the subject. According to The Nigerianbulletin Newspaper &magazines, the last Partial solar Eclipse took place on March 29th, 2006.

Nxt:D great actor Commando is a Governor. Of which state, in what country?
No Marvis, one took place last month but I cant rmbr the correct date!
You'r Right Phil. I only heard about it. I really didn't witness the occurrence, i thought it was just a rumour. cool.

 So WINNER, guess it was last month. Now tell us, what date and time coz i was not a witness of it since i travelled England. I arrived Naija 2days ago.
I can still rmbr it was a sunday afternoon.
U have really tried@Phil& Marvis 2 get the month correctly,so u got to gues d date,then if guessed wrongly,I give d ans

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