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A language cannot stand on its own i.e independent, every language depend on other language to stand.English is a language which depends on some latin or greek words.English has embraced the use of some foreign words in it's vocabulary which expresses a peculiar thing.Below is a list of them with their expressions in English.
ad hoc - for a particular purpose.
ad infinitum - without end.
bona fide - real or genuine.
alter ego - an intimate friend.
dramatis personae - list of characters in a play.
attaché - a specialist attached to a foreign mission.e.g military attaché
coup d'etat - violent or illegal seizure of government.
esprit de corps - consciousness and pride in belonging to a particular group.
post-mortein - occuring after death.
cul de sac - a road with one end blocked.
   en masse - all together.
in memoriam - in memory of.
in toto - totally.
per annum - every year.
vice versa - the other way round.
viva voce - by word of mouth.
en route - on or along the way.
téte-a-tète - a private conversation.
dé but - the first public appearance of an actor or a musician.
impromptu - unrehearsed, without careful planning.
sine die - without a day fixed.

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