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Many students like to study in a quiet and comfortable environments including me. The problem is finding such environments though there are many places in schools which are comfortable for study, but one thing involved is that people might disturb or hamper you from enjoying your reading occasionally. Due to this numerous students chose to study in the night while some in the day or evening. Studying in a day is really unexciting to many students especially when the environment is noisy.
Our brain tend to retrieve information we put into it and we easily remember information when we are re in our normal mood, and we find it difficult to remember information when we are in uncomfortable and unexciting situations like market and other noisy places. For instance, when someone is ill or out of his mind, he may have issue to remember or retrievie what he put in his brain. Nobody is to be blamed for our failure at school, we blame ourselves for it and hard working always bring success, so we must work hard for our future success.

We shall always find ways to improve our future life and the improvement is working hard which is the big issue that has stayed behind people mind today. Not all hard working bring success, a friend who failed WAEC exam told me and d i always have believed that with hard working, you will be successful no matter what. Some have an innate sense of what is just and unjust, so  they are born with this ability naturally while some does not have this ability and they might learn it from others whose such abilities came at them naturally.


1. Avoid reading when you are exhausted
2.Always spend much time to read when you are energetic
3.Try to rehearse what you have learned through reading by heart
4.Reading might be chaotic when you are involved in an area or place where your friends are making noise
5. Sometimes we do forget what we read. So Avoid cramming and try as much as possible to grasp and gather what you have read in your memory
6. Our brain always remembers what it understands easily, not what we crammed.
7. Cramming is like constraining brain to store information when it hardly cannot at the moment, and it will store the information, not the way it will store as understood.
8.Rehearsing out loud will help you capture more information as quickly as possible.

These are the eight methods i can offer for students like me. A student will find it useful if used effectively.

thanks alot for your topic
Fortune boy 4real
Jite j:
thanks alot for your topic
You are welcome :) :)
Naijas Guest
Nice post, thanks

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