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Mr Paul
      Are you good in English Language and you want to prove this?
Are you aspiring to learn more about English Vocabularies?
      This is an opportunity for you. The challenge starts and answers are to be supplied by interested members of the site. I'll start this with some simple questions below.
 (1) What is the only dictionary word that ends with 'MT' ?
 (2) Mention six English Words that end with 'NX' .
 (3) What is Sphygmomanometer ?
 Please, punctuation marks are to be observed correctly, because this is English Language.

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1MT=dreamt. 2NX jinx,spinx,minx,sphynx, meninx,lynx. 3 Sphygmomanometer is an  instrument use to measure blood presure.
Sphygmomanometer is a medical instrument use 2 mesure arterial blood presure.It consist of a pump,dial,cuff, and valve 
English is not a subject but a language.
@didi210, you've really tried.
[CLAPSSS]. You scored high in answering the questions.
But, I want you to note the following mistakes:
1. You wrote 'use' instead of 'used'.
2. You wrote 'mesure' instead of 'measure'.
3. You wrote 'consist' instead of 'consists'- note that 'consist' is a plural verb while 'consists' is a singular verb.
4. You didn't put full-stop [ . ] at the end of your sentence.
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Who can answer the second question?
See it below and provide the correct answers.
Write ten lexical verbs and six auxiliary verbs.
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Does it mean that nobody in the house can answer the above question?
lf you're sure you can tackle the above question on 'lexical & auxiliary verbs', come on board.
See the question again:-
"Write ten lexical verbs and six auxiliary verbs".
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