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The verdict released against the 12 Nigerian soldiers was made publically by the martial courth which is known as the supreme independence military courth of the nation, reason for the sentence of the 12 Nigerian Soldiers was a mutiny conspiracy among 18 soilders who fired against their GOC ''General Ahmed Mohammed,''  which five of the soldiers were released and granted bail by name:
David Robert
Mohammed Sani
Iseh Ubong
Sebastine Gwaba
Naaman Samuel. And Jeremia Echocho sentenced to 28 days in jail with hard labour, while the remaining 12 soldiers were condemned to be sentence to death i.e if approval from the President following the constitution & their names are as follows:
Jasper Braidolor
David Musa
Fridad Onuh
Yusuf Shualb
Igonmu Emmanuel
Andrew Ugbede
Nuredeen Ahmed
Ifeanyi Alukagba
Alao Samuel
Amadi Chukwuma
Alan Linus
Stephen Clement.

It was expressed to understand the reasons behind the mutiny against their GOC.  The soldiers at the north division quarters had been laying down complain prior to the GOC of inssuficent ammunition, food & alowances following the battles of terrorism &nothing were been done towards their request not untill on May/14/2014 some colleages of the soldiers were ambushed at chibok area by Boko Haram & killed, this brought anger and pain towards them when they saw the corpse of their colleages brought by the GOC, they fired delibrately against the GOC who happened to luckly escaped death but some of his body guards sustained injury.

Chairman of the senate committee on defence Thompson Sekibo also announced support of death sentence against the 12 soldiers clerifying that the Arm force was established by an act of the national assembly and was not to force anyone becoming a millitary personnel so no one should go against the rules/laws and order of the Arm force, the senate also expressed that this will bring warning to other millitary branches.

However the NLC actively condemn the death sentence requesting for a minimum penalty.

I totally condemn the death sentence of our 12 Nigerian Soldiers for its a shame if such act is approved by the President, regarding that these soldiers has sacrificed their lives for our country and Africa as a whole, beaten under the sun, wet under the rain & awake all through at night while we civilians and politicians sleeps peacefully without knowing the stress, sacrifice and the honour our soilders do for us heartedly just to make us live and see another day, still our Politicians, goverment & even majority of the civilians do not regard them has anything instead supporting against them been sentence to death due to a mutiny which did not claim any life as it was told. As a civillian of these nation i can not be quiet while our military men are been condemned to death, these are soldiers who lay down their lives to fight against terrorist & sadely their fellow soldiers where ambushed & killed unjustly, how will you expect them to act and feel.  Already they had been laying down complain prior to their GOC concerning the shortage of ammunition, food and low payment of their allowances but nothing was done and what could be repaid back to them was the corpse of their colleages and a death sentence, for i strongly know that if the GOC had acted fastly to provide their request concerning the adequate ammunition demanded, the late fellow soldiers would had defend themselves from these terrorist bravely even if they had weapons.
Among the 12 soldiers sentence to death, one is said to be the only child of his mother who happened to be a widow, while another is said to be a father of a five months old baby, how sad,evil & wicked it will be if these soldiers who have families are finally sentence to death by the President signing the verdict for it will be a shame and their blood will be upon these nation and i tell you all, it will create more catastrophic and disaster on our soil worst than it was durring the millitary rigim, and a worst than bokoharam may even rise.
I remembered Stella Odua was impeached from been the minister of aviation simply because she bought a bullet proof vehicle which worth almost a hundred million as it was said to be the nation money, presently looking at the current case of the mutiny leading to the sentence of our 12 Nigerian Soldiers to death, it was exposed clearly that what saved the GOC from been killed was because he was in a bullet proof car.

And my question to Nigerians is ''why was the GOC not investigated and questioned how he got the money to buy a bullet proof vehicle as a public servant''? Or is it because he is a millitary man or a senior top millitary persoonel and can not be interrogated.
This is babaric, how many politicians had been sentenced to jail for embezzlement, stealing & corruption talk less more of been setence to death.
Former Rep leader Oladimeji Bankole & his deputy were not jailed for stealing the nation money, Former Rep leader Patricia Eteh was not jailed for embezzlement, Stella Odua was not jailed, Former deputy Governor of Enugu state impeached on 2014 was not jailed for embezzlement, former deputy governor of imo state impeached on 2013 was not jailed for embezzlement, and also other top oil cabals who were exposed durring the oil subsidy strike were not jailed etc, majority of the senates who condemned the 12 soldiers to be sentenced to death are corrupt and filled with lies but will never be jail if found of corruption so why then should our soldiers who never embezzeled, steal or killed be sentences to death. Why is these nation filled with evil and wicked politicians who do not care for the people but rely by the people to gain power and to rule the people. Many of these lawmakers (senates) (Rep) kill themselves before geting the position of becoming a senator or a Rep. The care of the millitary is not properly checked by the goverment, neither do the goverment grants their demands instead they steal the money meant for the millitary and call it democracy.
European Union rejects death sentences against the 12 Nigerian Soilders revealing that such act has been stoped for 2 decades ago.
''Shame to the Nigerian senates who support the death sentences of their indegenous Soilders who sacrifice their lives to fight and protect the soverign nation and its territory''.
It turned out they were never executed.

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