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Are you wondering how to
make your laptop keyboard
sounds just as it was on mobile
phone or are you one of those
who would prefer computer
keyboards to make that one-click typewriter
Or you just want your keyboard to
make a sound when a key is

This tutorial is
basically on How To Make
Laptops Sounds For Each Click.
There is an application called

It a tiny utility to give
silent keyboards a
'click' sound
of their own,
It is a very
portable Microsoft Windows
software that comes with
twenty six different click
sounds with adjustable volume
Each of your
keyboard's A through Z keys
will play one of Clickey's 26
built-in sounds at the volume
set by the volume control.
It runs in stealth mode so nobody
has to know what’s making the
click sound!
Features Of ClicKey
Choosing from the list of 26
built-in sounds.
contains 26 built-in
percussive typing sounds.
Some are
classic typewriter sounds,
others are subtle short clicks,
beeps, and boops, while others
are more attention-getting and
might be appropriate for an on-
screen keyboard or public kiosk.
Independent volume control
Since you might prefer ClicKey’s
clicks to be almost subliminal,
its sounds can be made as quiet
as you like.
On-screen user-interface, or
invisible startup shortcut.
To keep ClicKey as lightweight
(just 42 kbytes) and
unobtrusive as possible, It was
designed to be launched from a
Windows shortcut (probably
placed in the “Startup” group)
containing its sound
specification commands (see
details below).
Heard and not seen.
No advertising splash screen
and nothing in the Windows
“tray” to clutter your screen.
Nothing to “install” or
ClicKey is just “run” as a stand-
alone application. It does not
need to be “installed”, it places
nothing in the registry, and can
simply be deleted once it is no
longer wanted.

Size: 42KB
OS: WIndows (all versions)
License: Freeware
Requirements: None


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