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Fixing a dry printer ink cartridge is easy. If you are certain that it is clogged by dry ink, then you would find this article very helpful. This fix can be used to revive printer cartridges that have not been used for years. You can also Revive an empty ink cartridge with a hair dryer.

Things You'll Need:
You need hot water. You also need the water source to be close to where the printer is, so that when you are done with the fix, you can quickly put the cartridge back into the printer.

For the hot water source, you may use a nearby hot water sink (just cover the drain with its lid, then turn on the tap to accumulate some hot water). Alternatively, you can put some very hot water in a bowl.
Step 1: Remove the cartridge from the printer, if it's not already out.

Step 2: Look for the part of the cartridge where the ink comes out from. This should be the part where the metal thing is. Immerse that part into the hot water and let it go below surface level. Hold.

Step 3: Depending on how dried up the ink in the cartridge is, you should see ink come out of the cartridge and into the water in about 1-2 minutes. If ink starts coming out immediately, do not panic, just hold still. The cartridge would need about 3-5 minutes inside the water depending on how much dried ink is clogged up in there.

Step 4: Take the printer cartridge out of the hot water. Dab it once on a dry towel just to remove excess water, then put it back into the printer.

Step 5: Viola! Your printer cartridge is ready for use.

If this fix does not work for you, please describe your situation below and we would be glad to help.

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