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Mr Paul
It was passed as a circular to all parents that it is essential, and healthy for babies to fed exclusively with bosom milk alone for six months after birth.
But some are still adamant and feeling that its not for babies.
Findings have made it clear that all what the baby need is in the milk and dont even need additional water apart from the one in the bosom milk.
It's noted that babies whose mothers obey this rule are healthier and sharper in brain than those ones whose mothers give additional food or water at this age.
Mothers, fathers and potential parents should take note of this.

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Spottykay Publisher
Some people give waters and food at times becus of condition but at the end its not good and i see them to be wicked
Thanks Mr Paul for this article. I have noticed that you changed your username from SAM7 to Mr Paul, and i wanted to change mine as well, but it says that my coins will be deducted. Is there any way that will be done without deduction of my coins?
You are warmly welcome @Panchaze ! you must sacrifice some of your coins for it; there is no other way you can change it without letting go some of your coins.
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@Spottykay, many of those parents think they want to do their babies favour by giving them food and water before the age of six months. In fact, my youger objected the opinion when l explained to her; she said she must give him food o and l discovered that the baby is always sick, despite she has enough money to buy drugs and good food; she and her husband live a comfortable life with good food, but because, she did not obey the rule, the baby falls sick all the time and they always spend money on drugs.
"....Obedience is better than sacrifice...".
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Spottykay Publisher
Thats it they will refuse to feed with breast just becus wen the babies are filled with milk the food in dem are finished dats y dey dont lyk feeding with breast
Okay i will do so when i earn more coins
@Spottykay, there is nothing like the food in the mother getting finished; my wife is br3ast-feeding currently and she eats normally;also the baby sucks every time as he wants to suck and no problem for my wife; in fact, we obeyed the rule for our three children and this works for us; because, our children dont fall sick and dont care about using drugs: always strong and playing around; on rare accasion can you see them become ill and that may be once or twice in a year, which may only last for few days or hours.
Many parents lack this understanding and thereby creating problems for their children.
Not every sickness the children encounter are works of the devil, but many of them is as the result of parents' carelessness and self-will.
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