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The truth about planning
In 1953, some professor went to Yale University to measure the rate of planning, only 3% of the student had planned. 20years later, the 3% who had planned had achieved 90% of their goals. Personally, 5 years ago, I wrote down my lifetime goals, including my marital and family goals. Subsequently, I make effort to plan apppropriately for each goal, and that has helped me to stay focused, and to the glory of God, I can say I am walking the part of destiny, achieving my goal, step by step and precept upon precept, indefinitely I am not where I dream to be but am sure am not where I used to be. I am making progress on a daily  basis.
Today we are examining the subject matter Planning. Anyone desirous of making progress, fulfilling purpose and winning the race of life, must take time to plan. I personally recommend planning for young folks becasuse they have a long future ahead of them.
According to The Chambers English Dictionary, the word “plans” means…… “a scheme or accomplishing a purpose method”. “A scheme drawn up before hand”. Another definition of planning says “planning is a direction to a place you have never been before”. Simply put, planning means crafting your ideas on paper. It also refer to placing of ideas in the right manners before they occur.
Why should you plan?
1.   It helps you get organised: being organized means to do things orderly. Order is the accurate arrangement of things. Order is the first law in Heaven. Planning helps you put your ideas in proper perspective.
2.   It helps eliminate errors and shabbiness: when you plan properly, you minimise unnecessary mistakes in the execution of your assignment.
3.   It helps create focus: planning help you keep proper focus on your ideas. Focus involved a commited concentration on your goals and often leads to acheivement.
4.   It increase the potentials for success: planning make success more realizable, expecially when proper effort is put into the plan.
5.   Planning helps you troubleshoot as you solve problem in advance.
6.   It saves you time: for every ten minute spent in planning , you save 90% of execution time.

Steps involve in planning
1.   Vision: every plan start in the mind of  someone. Thus, before planning commences you must conceive In your mind. You must see it in your minds eye. You must see the big picture of your plan for your career, education, family or vocation.
2.   Craft the vision on paper: having conceived your idea, you must take paper and biro and do a detailed breakdown of the various steps required for the realisation of your plan. Ask yourself the following questions and write the answers beside each .
•   Is this plan whortwhile and positive? (never plan to do drug, prostitution, 419 or crime)
•   Will it add value to me and others?
•   Will it bring progress, growth or development?
•   What are the necessary steps required for the plan to be accomplished?
Some steps include:
•   Summary of the plan.
•   Details of the plan.
•   Research- enquiry, asking questions, consulting preliminary information gathering.
•   Detailed list of the people or human resources required.
•   Detailed budget (income and expenditure analysis) of the plan. I.e. how do you hope to raise fund for the plan to be executed if it is one that required funding?
•   Stages required for the execution of the plan. i.e. such stages could include step 1 – 20.
•   Take action: this is very crucial because after crafting your ideas, nothing move until you make a move.
•   Set a time limit for each plan: When will it be accomplished?
•   Evaluate your plans after execution and seek ways to improve next time.
Practical personal steps for achieving your goals
•   Write a detailed plan for the year. Evaluate it regularly.
•   Discipline: wake up early enough everyday in order to have sufficient time for taking action. Watching your diet. Exercising and praying in order to keep healthy. Starting and seeing project to logical conclusion.
•   Cutting off frivolities from your agenda including time wasters such as gossips, irrelevant friends and unfair relationships, parties and non-value adding social engagement.
•   Always seek counsels from your superiors, mentors or experts.
•   Diligence at work, your profession or vocation, seriousness and hard work are inevitable tools for achieving your goals.
•   Deliberate knowledge seeking and self improvement. Time management. Have a daily to-do list; know where to invest your time.
•   Connect with the wise and people who can help you with your plan. Become an avid reader. Read more of self-help books.
•   Don’t be a parasite to anyone. Seek to add value in worthwhile relationships.
•   Responsibility: always have a sense of responsibility. Don’t allow others to think or plan your life for you. You must be reasonable, responsible and committed to your plan.
•   Be willing to sacrifice and see your plans to realization. Shun immediate gratification. Always learn to sacrifice today because of tomorrow.
   Last Word   
Your attitude to work matters a lot, so also your saving culture, learn to save for your plans, do not eat with both hand. If you plan to get a raise in your salary this year or plan to get a promotion or find favor before higher authority or grow your business, you must seek to add value and map out strategies. Decide to be more dedicated. Be positive result oriented, be a team player, be more prayerful and embrace changes. Be adventurous; never be afraid to try something new. Be resilience, always learn to endure hard time because problems are the price of progress and adversity also has advantages. Believe in yourself, you must know that, if the whole world believes in you and you never believe in yourself, you will end up a failure, but if the world disbelief you and you believe in yourself, believe me, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Again, be more prayerful and embrace excellence in your daily activities. GOD will definitely favor you but you must first make solid effort on your part.
See you at the top.
Samuel Tomiwa (the Master Motivator)
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Nice write up bro, thumbs up you!
Well-organised and educative article.
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