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Here is a message to those who place more importance on their religion than their SOUL. Who places more importance on their pastors than the Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father. Who places more importance on the ephemeral instead on the Eternal.

I just want to remind you here that in the hereafter it is you and you alone who will account for your success or failure. Not your church, not your religion, not your pastors nor will your parents be an excuse either.

So, learn to converse with your SOUL, the real YOU. Only your SOUL will show you the right way to go. Your SOUL knows the future and knows the present. Your SOUL know what is best for you, what to eat, where to go, what to do and also where to be at a particular time.

I want you to know that your SOUL is the living potential of God. Your SOUL is the inner man of the heart as Apostle Paul described it. It is not for nothing that the Son of God declares that “the kingdom of Heaven is inside of you”. HE was not referring to special people or pastors or better races but YOU and ME. Yes, YOU!    You must know that the breath of life that was breath into you is the seed of God within you. And the seed is meant to guide and nurture you provided you learn to listen and heed to it DAILY.

Has your life been meaningful? Do you possess an inner joy in spite of adversity? Does your hunches, gut feeling, intuition speaks to you and give you directions? If it doesn’t, that means you have neglected your SOUL. You may have been living on the idea of others all your life but you will do better if you start listening to your own SOUL. You can hear from your SOUL regardless of your age or s3x, all you need to know is to be conscious of who you are, a Spiritual being with SOUL connected to God. Your religion or parent may have hampered you but am assuring you here that you can learn to hear from your SOUL only if you decide to listen.

Dear friends, you will do better and be successful, learn to listen to your SOUL, learn to be quiet, learn to be alone, the outside world is noisy! You can’t hear from your SOUL in the midst of noise and confusion.

Your SOUL is waiting to hear from you.  Even though there were tension, crisis and upheavals in the outside world, a daily conversation with your SOUL will relief you, will brighten your mood and ultimately warn you against unforeseen danger. Learn to listen.

That was inspiring,thanks!
you are welcome!
What a motivation !
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