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Kudo:   sir I need your advice?
Teacher:  Advice about what?
Kudo:   it is about my friend Adam.
Teacher:   what about him?
Kudo:   he has been having a bad headache rather frequently lately.
Teacher:   he should see a doctor.
Kudo:   that is the thing Sir. They do not see doctors. They do not take drugs.
Teacher:  what do you mean by “they?”
Kudo:   his family.   
Teacher:  why?
Kudo:   it is their faith. They belong to a sect that advocates the non-use of drugs no matter how ill they are.
Teacher:  serious. Even when seriously ill, they do not take drugs, and they do not see doctors; not even herbalists?
Kudo:   none sir. I must say that it seems to work for Adam, whom I have known since childhood, but I have cause for concern. But he would not bulge even though in serious pain.
Teacher:  clearly that is a difficult one to deal with because spiritually and otherwise he has freedom.
Kudo:   freedom to have pain?
Teacher:  sure.
Kudo:   but that is improper.
Teacher:  who are you and I to judge another? Each is sovereign in his personal island, in a manner of speaking. You can only advise, when your advice is sought, but you neither compel nor cajole. Otherwise you will be infringing on the fundamental spiritual freedom of the individual; and that is cardinal.
Kudo:   cardinal sin?
Teacher:  as you like it.
Kudo:   you know what, sir; I feel more for my friend, because I do not like pain.
Teacher:  who does?
Kudo:   sir, it seems to me that some people do. I have seen people consciously avoid comfort, just because they think it will corrupt their flesh and detract from their journey to God. I imagine it is for these reason that some choose, for instance, to be monks, and live in seclusion, not interacting with the larger world.
Teacher:   I love to converse with you. You are such a deep thinker.
Kudo:   thank you, sir. I suppose that is a compliment.
Teacher:  yes, it is.
Kudo:   I ask because I often hear that in a world essentially moved by frivolities, fashion, and fancy, it is not cool to be a thinker.
Teacher:  well that may be for them, but not for me. But let us return to the kernel of our discussion.
Kudo:   thank you sir.
Teacher:  the truth is, there is no gain without pain. In climbing the spiritual mountain, as any other mountain for that matter there would be pain. But that is pain in the process. It should be taken in stride and where possible you do what you can to ameliorate it. Self punishment is not a virtue. It could rather be a sign of ingratitude, a lack of grace and humility to accept the generosity of life.
Kudo:   are you saying this applies to my friend?
Teacher:  I am not addressing your friend; neither do I have him in mind. A child studying hard for exams must take some pains in order to excel, but he does not have to endure headaches, when he can see a doctor or take a harmless analgesic. He does not have to refuse food, just to be seen as hard working.
Kudo:   that reminds me of neighbors who broadcast to the street any day they are fasting, wearing dark clothes, carrying heavy faces, and looking generally sad and deprived.
Teacher:  you are getting the idea. Sadness, self deprivation, like pain, is no virtue. To ride cranky bicycle just for pain when you can drive a comfortable car is simply arrogance and sheer ingratitude in accepting the kindness of life around you.
Kudo:   sir so you mean friend is…..
Teacher:  I have not said anything about your friend. But indeed speaking about your friends. I would avoid anyone of them that always make me sad, shows me disrespect, and minimizes my joy and my dreams. It is just a way to avoid unnecessary pain.
Kudo:   that makes a lot of sense, sir. It strikes a chord in me.
Teacher:  I am glad it does. Life is here to be lived fully, joyfully and peacefully. Take pains where you must. It is part of the journey. But one must avoid or minimize pain, where especially it is absolutely unnecessary. Pain and peace of the mind can be antithetical to each other. 

"My people perish because they lack wisdom".
Many people are dying because of this erroneous believe: that people should not take medication; l wonder atimes where those so-called ministers of God find it in the bible.
Who is Luke, the apostle?
ls he not a doctor?
The bible clearly supports using of drugs when someone is ill or sick.
Those leaders will have many cases to answer before God on the last day; because many have died through that fallacy they call doctrine; many have been sent to their early grave.
My people, dont fall victim of this satanic doctrine: consult your doctors: make use of drugs when necessary to have healthy living.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
What about the good Samarithan? He should have fasted and prayed with the dying man and see if anything good will come out of it!
Do you believe that many women (in Apostolic Faith Church- Sorry to mention a denomination's name) are dying with pregnancy at delivery?
I have a longtime friend in their congregation.
Women who suppose to go to hospital on the day they would deliver babies are being held in religious bondage; some die in the process; some only survive by God's mercy. They even inder their members from taking fascines.
It aches my heart so much for those innocent people dying there; but there's nothing one can do than to pray for them; that their eyes may open to the real truth of the bible on this issue.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
My neighbor who is a PASTOR at Shelter of Glory also watched his child die rather take her to the hospital. No one in the neighborhood seemed to have joined them in mourning.
O God !
What a wasted life !
That Man will have a case to answer before God.
Who knows the future of such an innocent child !
May be God would have used her to bring millions to His fold.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .

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