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Qualification also matters. There are professors who earn over a million a month.

Qualifications: that is where we kill ourselves in Nigeria; the qualifications they cherish very well, even in advanced countries are underrated in this country and demanding for big certificates; there are talented people who could be hired and paid well in the nation; but because they dont have big certificates, we push them aside and focus on university degrees, masters, doctorate degrees; not even minding whether those people can defend their certificates or not.
What is qualification?
Or how should we rate qualifications?
By papers?
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Surely that's a risk we cannot take. If someone spent several years of studying, I see no reason why we should deprive him of a job provided you conduct a meticulous interview.
Even many graduates are there without any job; what a mess in country full of milk and honey!
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actually,i was talkin about a space scientist and a doctor,it was an argument by a friend,bt my own opinion is that a doctor is better than a scientist,without the help of a doctor a scientist can never survive from a sickness or diseases which he doesn't have knowledge about.and i'm so sorry for replying late.
Thanks for coming online, your arguments are good too. But come to think of it, a doctor cannot go into the field and experiment on drugs and infections, a good scientist must provide a doctor with the necessary apparatus and how to use them effectively.
Spottykay Publisher
Hmm Good points! and hormanwummy,please always try to stay in touch with us here
In fact, you have a point Spottykay: once-in-a-while visits may not be appropriate here.
@hormanwummy, try and be here as much as you have chance: you are warmly welcome.
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It's a good point and i'l try 2 stay logged in
Spottykay Publisher
Just do so and we'll be grateful

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