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War against indecent dressing by v.c

Why is there war against indescent dressing in Anambra state university?
As i said before the eastern system of education is very poor and it needs a transformation, but the question is can there be a change?
yea der can be a change with God all tinz ar possible
This is not a case of God but a case of Man. If you cant help yourself by doing what is right and stoping what is evil how do you expect God to come into you when sin has create a boundary between you and him. There is a provabs that says ''you must first remove the dust in your eye before removing the dust in another person eye'' and that is to say if you dont run away from evil no matter how you try to chase it you will surely fail just as the VC in Anambra state University is trying to decline and chase all sort types of immoral dressing, it first start from the student, are they ready to stop this ugly act of dressing indecently so my question again is can there be a change?
A man who has a punctured tyre while on his way to the city may say: ''God! I need you!". What that man needs at the moment isn't God to descend from heaven but he actually needs a road side vulvanizer! What am I saying? The students know what best to do, the best way to dress and all that kind a stuff; It's not the issue of GOD!
Yes Sir Phil you are extremely right. I agree with you, but what do you think, can there be a change?
Yes, there can be a change; but this is not only in Anambra State University.
It is all over Nigeria. There was a time when some University authorities were taking action against this, but the thing is deteriorating again.
I think this is one of the signs of the last days.
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There are measures taken in some private universities which I know about to control this trend. Some do not even allow women to wear trousers!
O yes, you are right; that is private universities; but my mind even focuses on government universities: it is so serious in those government universities and government can control this if they want to.
Why are they watching without taking serious disciplinary measures?
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In my own university, there are certain Departments that have taken measures on this, For example, All boys from 'Department of Science Education' are not allowed to wear shorts to lectures. Also, College of 'Management Sciences' have stipulated dressing codes for Monday to Friday. You cannot be allowed into a lecture hall with a different code for that day.
Thank God for that; if all universities in Nigeria would take such measure, our country will begin revolutionary change.
Do you believe that many girls are being rap3d nowadays because of this; if they dont expose sensitive parts of their bodies to guys, those bad guys would not develope lust toward them many atimes.
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We copied from Westerners and ours become foolishness. Prisoners sagged their trousers then, our young men are playing the role of prisoners. They wear light pants to allow ventilation into their private parts, Our girls now wear catapults!!!
I see sagging as madness, anywhere l see a guy with such crazy act.
In fact, l just ask someone beside me to tell me the meaning of catapult, because l didnt know it before; and the meaning is .....?
May God have mercy on our youths.
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  Sam O' Sam!  What they wear about is no different from catapult.
Yes, you are talking; even dressing to kill.
There was a story of a driver l heard sometime ago. This driver saw a lady who dressed like Jezebel, walking beside the road and the man driving was watching, watching, watching until he hit another vehicle in front of him.
That is dressing to kill; though they qualify such with an adjective , "charming" or "s3xy", but it has dangerous effects on our male youths: that is why raping is on high level as well.
Indecent dressing is indeed a killer of men, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
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