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As we all dat Education z a very vital nd paramount step dat must b attained bt yet dos nt confirm 1's success in lyf,university or let's say starting college z a major transitional stage in 1's lyf bt leaving z a gr8ter 1, wot i mean by leavn z dat day of convocation ceremony,a bridge betwn d artificial lyf nd d real world bt d qstn z wot v u ataind y in skul or wot v u got in u evaluating ur own self, we shud kw dat dr z an inborn gift in us dat has been deposited by d almighty God,as our God dos nt waste Iz tym cr8tn useles beings, if he had cr8ted u den he has created u 2 b fulfild, goin 2 university dznt stamps ur suces bt wot u v got, 4 any1 wu z yet 2 discova dat gift z lyk waistn iz tym even while in skul, let wot u v speaks 4 u it dznt mata d specific course u wnt 2 study,even anoda work or profesion u kw best,its nt evry1 dat graduates frm univercty dat makes it or even gets emplyment as we kw d state of emplymnt in dz country z ntn 2 write abt xo critical xo lets engage ourself in 1 wrk or profesion,dat u v pasion 4, make sure u acquire smtn dat wil b of advantage 2 u nw or in d future nd 2 evry1 make sure u r learnd nt university knwledge alone , b an enterpreneur, get up nd do smtn,luk 4 smtn u v specialzd kwledge in nd ofer it 2 odas,do nt wori abt immediate rewards,4 nw make a name 4 ursef,sooner or l8ta,u ll b wel established nd v cause 2 smile 4 ur works,no law says u must wrk 4 odas nd no law says u must nt, dr z no problem if u get a gud job as soon as u leave skul bt if u dnt start up smtn ôn ur own,dz z d only escape route dat cn guarantee ur early exit frm d unemployment queue,lyf iznt realy al abt studyn hard,getn a gud grade nd getin high paying job wit fanstatic benefits any longer. It z al abt finding fulfilment in woteva u do,do nt let ur total livelihood b entirely dependent on ur employer 4 too lng, it z risky nd in dis age nd tym, univercty z jez lyk ading nd acquirn sm  kwlege 2 wot u v got nd i kw u wuld b an unequalled pace-setter, i kw u v al gaind smtn bt dnt let d words b a waste act on it>>>samuel

Lolzz, thumbs up @Sammy

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