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As you buy and sell, when you buy goods and you want to resell, please be happy any time you see any customer that comes to buy from you and start chating with the person, respect him or her even if you are older than the person. Always remain loyal to the person, that way they will consider coming back to your shop because of your kindness.

U ar korect
Also learn to give regular customers some discount on purchase.
It is also good not to be transfering aggression to customers. Some people behave badly to customers because they had fight at home before they come to shop or office.
It is good to always put anything that happed at home or before that time behind us whenever we are dealing with customers.
Customers should be respected no matter their age or background and some people are fond of respect only rich or wealthy customers, without knowing what can happen anytime to anybody; that poor customer of today may be richer tomorrow than your today's richest customer. Courtesy demands that we respect everybody.
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Absolutely, @ Sam
In fact, the more aggression one transfers to customers, the more customers he/she looses.
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They news of your irrational treatments spread at a geometric ratio!
And as his/her news spreads; people begin to run away from him/her.
There's a woman like that in our arena here selling provision; people here and in the environ began to complain about the attitude of the woman (you can stand there for 15minutes because you want to buy bread of N100- so slow and non-challant) and she began to loose customers to other competitive sellers.
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Some of them fet away with it when there are no competitors!
Its not all that can carry on with nonesense: some people prefer going to a far away places to buy their things if one seller with monopoly power treats them badly.
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