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Hey guys,  let us dive a little into stock exchange as a topic.  your comments will be honoured.
what is stock exchange?
Stock exchange is also known as the Stock Market.  A lot of business is done through the stock exchange. Stock exchange started when certain intermediaries met as go-between for buyers and sellers in the market place.
  Stock broking is done in the stock exchange.  A stockbroker is someone who buys and sells stocks and shares on behalf of the public for other people.
Stock is money lent to a government or a business company. The person lending the money gets interest on it.  A share is one of the equal part into which the ownership or the capital of a business firm is divided, it has types but in other not to digress from the main point, I may post on it some other time. A business firm is a business company that uses capital for carrying on its business. Stock is also capital, that is, the wealth or money used by business firm or company in carrying out business.
  A business man can invest his money in stocks and shares. This investment gives him the right of ownership of some part of the business. Stock capital gives right of ownership. The stock is divided into a certain number of shares. The person who buys stock is called a stockholder. The business or corporation issues stockholders one or more stock certificates to show how many shares they hold. A corporation is an organization that can own property. It can make contracts as if it were an individual and it has certain rights and duties separate from its members. Those who invest in a corporation have Limited Liability.
Limited Liability has to do with the members of a corporation as individuals, and not as a group. The liability of the members is limited in the sense that if the corporation fails, they can lose no more than their individual investment. The corporation's debts are not their debts.
  The profits of companies are distributed among stockholders according to the amount invested. The individual portions of the profits are called dividends.


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