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How To Start A Successful Day Care Center In Your City

Millions of people, particularly in urban areas, have children too young to be left alone. These people usually cannot go to work with their babies ao they often find someone to leave them with (usuallly baby sitters). But quite often, when they cannot find a good baby sitter, what do they do? You guessed right, they enroll the young children to day care centres where professional baby sitters can care for them. For a significant portion of the day, working parents will not be around their children, and many of them have no relatives or friends to turn to for reliable baby sitting. An organised day care center is the most common option.

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Starting Your Own Day Care Center

Location: You are going to need a building. The type of building you would use depends on your budget. You can even use your own house if you own it and if you have a large yard. Basically, you would need at least two rooms.

Equipment: You need some cribs for children, toys, brightly coloured rooms, baby medication, and a lot of patience.

Marketting: A large sign outside the building announcing your new enterprise will do. Install this sign as high as possible. You may also print a few fliers which you would distribute by hand to neighboring homes. Also, check with your local government authorities for regulations governing the operation of day care centers.

Employees: These should be very good baby sitters. Start with one, then employ more as you enroll more children. You are also going to need a standby nurse or doctor to take care of emergencies. If you provide a really good service, you may soon get more children than you can cope with. The helpers you employ must also love children and give them good attention. The demand for good day care centers far outstrips the supply.

Revenue For Day Care Centers

The parents usually provide food for their children, but they may not be enough. So you have to include food and medication in your charges. Some day care operators charge around $200 (N40,000) more or less, depending on your infrastructure and quality of your facility and service. The more kids you accept, the bigger the revenue.

To calculate net income / profit, you would have to subtract the wages of assistants and expenses for food and equipment.

Tip: Visit a few day care centres around you. Pretend you are a parent intending to bring your child. Just say you hve come to make enquiries about their services and cost before bringing your kid. Ask how much they charge, their conditions, hours, safety precautions, food, and other important facors. Then use that information to provide better service at a competitive price.

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