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How To Fix Blackberry App Error 523

Are you getting an app error 523 on your blackberry phone? No worries, it will be fixed before you leave this page.

The blackberry error 523 occurs usually while using a corrupted app on the blackberry device. The annoying part is that the error still remains after you restart your blackberry device. This may be caused by several other reasons, but there are ways to prevent it from occuring again, you will find this info at the end of the article.

Fixing this blackberry error 523 is easy, just follow the steps below and you'll be fine:

Fix One: Hard Reset
The hard reset rarely fixes the blackberry error 523. If it fixes your's then you are lucky. If not, try fix two.

Fix Two: App TakedownStep 1: Remove your battery while the device is turned on. Doing this performs a hard reset on your blackberry phone.

Step 2: Reinsert the battery into your blackberry phone and hold down the escape key until your phone starts booting in safe mode. You may need OS 4.6 or above to boot in safe mode. If you are not able to enter safe mode, scroll down to Fix Three of this article.

Step 3: Ok now, you will need a computer. If you do not have one, ask a friend or neighbour, but please do not steal one.

When you have a PC ready, the first thing you should do is Disconnect your computer from
the Internet
. I have written that in bold to stress how important it is. I'll leave that as one step.

Step 4: Once you’re offline, plug your blackberry device into the computer and run Desktop Manager.
Step 6: From there, go to
Application Loader, then Add/Remove
, and click Start. Our aim here is to bump and remove any applications you’ve recently installed — the ones that might have caused the near-fatal crash. After doing this, restart you blackberry to see if it worked. If it doesn't, I'll also recommend removing themes, as this is something I did after messing around with Application Loader for a while.

Step 7: If the fixed worked and your blackberry comes back on. The first thing you should do, without thinking twice, is to Back up your blackberry device. This would save that state of your blackberry in case of future errors. I would also recommend a full wipe after fixing this 523 error. This may extend the life of your blackberry device.

Please like this post if it helped you. Also you can leave a reply if it works for you or if you encounter any problems whatsoever.

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