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maths and physics which one of them is fill with formulars and equations and which of these is ur favourite

kol drake
Hmmm, my favourite is Chelsea FC, but I love Real Madrid CF as well. Wait! You never told us you favourite; LONEWOLF! 
In England Chelsea and in spain Barcelona.  But my favourites is Chelsea and no other Club.
kol drake
Hey LONEWOLF!; what have you done?! You changed the topic! Anyway; comparing Maths and Physics, Maths doesn't have half of formulae used in Physics coz that's what am going through now! 
At first, i was confused while reading inside of these post. Until i read sir phil comments then i knew that the topic was changed from Football to Mathematics and physics.
Yeah exactly; LONEWOLF, please it's never done that way. You can't change the topic all of a sudden to an unrelated one when there are already reply to it. But not to worry for now, coz there are not much replies to it. 
Ever since i was a little child i never had passion for Maths, maths has been my greatest enemy and luckiest subject ,although i am not good in maths but i am always lucky in Mathematics. I disliked maths by refering to it as the white man culture been imposed in us durring the period of colonialism and i wonder why we Africans have to adopt this system, to me Maths is a form of practising physical socery ,that is one of the reason i said longtime ago to my teacher and friends that 'Mathematics is Magic.' most time when solving maths you will began to look for an answer which you already know and i wonder is it not creating of problem upon soluction. Each formulars that is been introduce in Mathematics are made to solve a problem ,so therefore it is assumed that Maths is a problem created upon a soluction. Maths is the over head of all science subjects including physics, chemistry and geography. Although not all mathematician are good in science course ,that is because Maths is a popular foundation level in the begining of a child and its education background. But the science subjects are  in the level of a pillar stage and if you do not have a good foundation in maths ,you may not have a good pillar in any science subjects. Maths is almost an enemy to many children but a friend to a few. I stil remember those days at the primary/secondary, our teacher will come into the class and tell us to recite the time table as our morning prayer,and we will began to be afraid, those who are not perfect will run back to the last seat just to prevent the early morning prayer punishment. I stil remembered ,i use to be one of them who always get a early morning prayer punishment. Back then at school our greatest enemy was our Mathematics teacher and that was because he was teaching our subject enemy. Maths made us to come late to school because we believe that by so doing we will escape from early morning prayer punishment. But i am wondering to know the usefulness of mathematics, after the study of maths and you get a job ,will you be solving equations or using formulars to run your buisness. One funny thing about mathematics is that a question will be set and it will be asked for you to find 2 as the answer,while 2 is there already. My teacher once called me publicaly in the class to solve a questions on the black board and find 2 as the answer, but i replied to him that i am not blind i can see 2, so why should i find 2. These gave me the worst beaten in my life from that teacher and it increased my hatread for mathematics... Maths may be your friend but may not be your luckiest. Maths is my enemy but my luckiest in any exam.
Similar but contradicting story here! Maths and Further Maths were my favourite; but Physics? My most feared subject. But at the end of exams, I normally score best in this same Physics. I scored highest in Physics and was offered Physics into the University and am reading Physics currently! 
Math nd Futher Math ar also my favourite,Physics is also included bt coz it contains more formula dan math i prefer math
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.

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