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The need to have a perfect Relationship is any soft kul luv dude want.but as d going goes by d situation bcoms i decided to share with the guys how to make d gals of dia dream knocking at their respective doors.i simply try dis and it enjoy d steps n rock them below.        1-your outfit matterz alot cuz gals dont lyk to mingle wit dirty guys especialy as boyfrendz,in short u can get a gals atention if u dress maturely(depending on ha type n nature).when you where nyc ironed n colourful cloths,d gals gather feelings 4 u n wanting to b near u but even if dey dnt near you.dont yell cuz sum gals do want to b called cheap head.                     2-dont over show urself and dnt alow ha to know dat u are around and dnt engage in mingling with ruget guy jst bcos u want to feel urself and act BIGGA.dnt talk much jst keep legacy dat wil make d guy talk about.u can gain dis by doing wat u are gud at perfect.she wil want to near u cuz she want to be ovarated n walk wit the porpula guy lyk you.  3-at dis spot u can start rocking wat she lyks n doing wat she lyk.mdy be she lyk boyshirts n lyks RnB MUSICS.jst do exakly as she want and as she do.dis wil make ha more atracted to you n wantin to see u more often,which shows dat you are gaining ful control of ha.                   4-be close to ha,be ha frend.share tougts wit ha.but neva you tel ha dat u hate gals,u dnt have gal n u dnt lyk relationships.i mean no ill-talks n misyarns.and dnt always b around ha n dnt advice ha to quit ha guy if she asks u jst tel ha u dnt suport n u dnt opose dat gist.         5-always tel ha words of hope n encourage ha n be ha comforta.JUST in a day kiss ha hand when u departin but u can start dat by teling ha words lyk"wat wil it b lyk if u cee d usual people saying unusual tinz or doin unusual tinz to d usual people.            6-tel ha u luv ha n dnt force ha to quit ha boifrend and neva u open up when u knw many guys are aproching ha,jst kip it within you                       guys try dis hop u wil see it thru to d gal's heart n if it didnt work den dat gal is nt meant 4 u BRO...BY Mr-FEELINGX

Mr feelingx aqeous
Whayasay! Patoranking already thaught me how to approach a gal as you called it.
Yeeah!I gat more skills from $tar-Boi-Wizzy
Such is Life
U can't use dis 2 ful a gal

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