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Head Mod.
This game is fun. I hope everyone enjoys it. The rules are simple:

I make a sentence and the next person uses my the last word to make another sentence. For example, if I say "I need a plate of rice", the next person might say "rice is full of starch", the next may be "starch is good for the body"...
Just like that.

Chris Head Mod.
So i'll start by saying:

It just started to rain.
Mr A Admin
Rain rain go away, come again another day.
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Chris Head Mod.
Day in, day out, I say my prayers to our lord Jesus
rain is very important to d society
Chris Head Mod.
^^ Fail. The last word was Jesus
Mr A Admin
Jesus is the creator of the universe, including humans and animals.
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animal behaviour is afiliated tew same ppl
People are needed in d development of every country
Chris Head Mod.
Country music is generally prefered to High life
Life without christ is useless
Useless man without a say is not more than a beast
Chris Head Mod.
Beast is a fictional character from the X Men
Men are beneficiaries of God's Grace
Grace is said to be God's Riches At Christ's Expenses.
Mr A Admin
Expenses should not be greater than income.
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Income lower than the usual is not really encouraging
Mr A Admin
Encouraging people to do illegal businesses is not the right thing to do.
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Do what is right and not what is left
left may be gud or bad
Chris Head Mod.
Bad friends encourage bad behaviour in good people.
Chris Head Mod.
People like GEJ shouldn't contest for posts.
Chris Head Mod.
Posts on should be clean and spam free.
Free periods should be observed in every school
Chris Head Mod.
School is essiential for the mental growth of children.
Children are to obey their parents
Parents never prove your children to anger.
Anger can cause hypertention, especially in people that cannot give it a control.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
control urself when u are angry.
Bad characters shud b evicted & gud characters rule
s3xy mama*2

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