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SENTENCE:-is a group of words that make complete sense. Generally sentence can be divided into two namely:-
*minor sentence
*major sentence
   *MINOR SENTENCE: is a type of sentence that do not follow d rule ov English language. Eg:
-for what?
-how do u do?
   *MAJOR SENTENCE: is d type of sentence that follows the rules of English language n it is also divided into two namely:-
*Simple sentence
*Multiple sentence
   *SIMPLE SENTENCE:-is a one clause sentence & it is also called independent clause. Eg
-I eat some food.
-We went to school.
   *MULTIPLE SENTENCE:- consist of two or more clauses joined together by co-ordinating or subordinating elements or both. & it is further divided into three(3) namely:-
*compound sentence
*complex sentence
*compound-complex sentence
   *COMPOUND SENTENCE:- consists of two clauses joined together by coordinating elements. These coordinating elements include: and,but,either,neither,or etc. Eg -I am a man but I can‘t fight.
-Accra is in Ghana and Gombe is in Nigeria
   *COMPLEX SENTENCE:- consist of two clauses joined by WH elements n some prepositions e.g because,yet e.t.c. Eg
-He passed his exams because he read hard.
-u went out when d teacher stepped into d class.   
   *COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE:-is a type of sentence dat contain atleast three clauses joined together by both coordinating & subordinating elements. Eg
-Saleem went to our house & greated my father when he felt sick.
-I left home & went 2 skul because I like skul

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