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I've been trying to use the bold,italic,underline and red letters but my phone never displays it and at times Uc Browser display it but doesn't work.So I'd like to ask can I use Html codes to write it and it gets decorated,I mean will it be interpreted?

I don't really get your concussion, how did you do it? I mean the Italics, bold prints and coloured ones...
Spottykay Publisher
Yes it happened when I used Uc browser,some icons like bold,italic and others appeared and I was able to click on it but it's not working.
But Sir Phil,I think you do these things at times but how?
It is a trick Moderator Chris taught me a long time ago. I will send them to you as a PM but there is always a price to pay... ??????
Spottykay Publisher
Okay,when I receive the P.M then I'll pay the price
No no no! I haven't even named the price! ;):)???
Spottykay Publisher
Okay,don't name it here  the price needs to be kept private in case of negotiation so add it to the PM but I hope other Moderators or Admins don't have access to pm
They don't, but I think Mr A can.
Spottykay Publisher
Mr A
Mr A Admin
You are not required to pay anything.

Yes html codes work here, but here and on other online forums, we use a simplified version called 'bbcodes'. They will show up as buttons while making a new post.

To use bbcodes manually, you have to enclose the words or sentences with the required bbcode tag. Every tag has a begining and an end, except some special ones. These are examples of the most important bbcode tags and what they do:

[b]Bold text[/b]
[i]Italics text[/i]
[color=red]Colored text[/color]
[u]Underlined text[/u]

Bold text
Italics text
Colored text
Underlined text

I am working on a help section where all the codes will be listed.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
Thanks for saving me the troubles, I wasn't gonna take a penny from him though.
Spottykay Publisher
Thanks very much Sir,I knew Sir Phil was joking  because he had not been doing this the first time
Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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