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Mr A
"This smartphone will be your best choice for your smart life with its simple and stylish design and advanced hardware. H7 is to bring so much convenience for your smart life that will be definitely beyond your expectation."

Erm.. Duplicate post. See specifications of the H7 here » Tecno H7 Specs

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I can still repeat my messages in a million times because i am never tired of writing against our ignorant and laziness in this country 'NIGERIA' Why dont you create and produce yours rather than buying and dumping. ''NIGERIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT CONSUME WITHOUT PRODUCING''.... Those who produced this advertised products how many head did they have, or is it different God that created us... We all have to wake up because we are asleep.
Austine, if you want to rebuke what Mr A has done, why did you comment on his post. You ought to have PM him rather than making it public. WHAT INSOLENCE.

And regards what you said about Nigeria, you're 20% right & 80% wrong. I can prove to you that Nigeria produces things even when they buy and consume. If you say no, then let Production start with you as a Nigerian.

At least you are the one that said it. Let it start with you.
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Please don't misquote me. I'm not against what you said but your manner of approach matters a lot. What you said is true but the way you said it is revolting. It's an insolent attitude and an insolent way of saying it and an insolent manner of approach. PLS CHANGE YOUR WAYS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Tell me a law which says no one has the right to reply or comment on a Post? Tell me a site that bound  reply and comment?  But It is only a Mad Man that call a fellow Mad Man,  You are not my type to be exchanging word or comment with.. I dont have your time now because exchanging words of argument wll mean nothing to i said before you vibrate without Wisdom even when you choose Whizdom as your name... And dont expect a reply because you dont know anything Lad, you may think you know but you dont know, you just write down because you want to write down..... Watch and listen, like i said before dont bother to reply. And nobody can stop me or bound me from replying any post been posted not even the Moderators or Mr A, or else i see a law which state and bound the act to reply...
Hey Dude, why are you always controversial.

You haven't gotten me. I didn't say you should not reply or comment but that kind of comment you posted was not it at all.
Pls, try to understand.

Austine, to that statement you said about me that I'm not your type, I vibrate without wisdom, etc. You can say it to the whole world, my name remains WhizDon and I will continue to tell you what is and what is not. I respect people cos I want others to respect me but pls, this forum is not for us to argue and make things worse but to discuss and make things better.

Afterall, what Mr A did was to advertise the product. You never knew if he was paid to do it or something.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Afterall, posting new topics & other things make this forum bubble. Posting a new topic or a topic about something is just like advertising that thing. To make it known to the public and most especially to the people on this forum.

So what Mr A did is to post something new also advertising. You can do likewise, so do I.

Pls, I'm not trying to take sides with Mr A but to tell you what is coz it's like you're trying to divert, if not deviate.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
Where is WHIZDOM?
I am here
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact

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