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They Said Maturity Is Not By Age. That Is Really True In The Case Of Leo Messi And Cr7. A Player Is Suppose To Be Happy Seeing His Fellow Player Who Have Not Score For 10 Years But Score, In The Case Of Cr7 He Was Not Happy Because He Felt That He Was The One That Suppose To Score The Goal. But Leo Messi Is Totally Different From Cr7 The Reasom Why Is Because Messi Was Having The Opportunity To Score Hatrick With A Penalty Even Making Him The Top Hatrick Goal Scorer But Decided To Give Neymar To Score. Do You Think That Cr7 Will Do This?

Chris Head Mod.
I don't think football cares about attitude. It's all about ability. :)... Who hasn't scored for 10yrs?
alvaro arbeloa. simply put messi is just the best.
You start a useless quiz that you can never finish. Where did you get that information... No goals for Alvaro Abeloa for over ten years?
  Just admit that you hate CR-7 and save us the trauma!
well if you said i start a useless quiz no problem, but try to carry out researh to see who is lying.i hope you watch the match against bayern, can you see leo messi magical goal. pls just admit that leo is simply the best.
Do not talk about a single match.
 The pair are inarguerably the best on this planet.
  Until either hangs up his boots, futbol analyst have refused to draw any comarisons between them, you can't start now coz I take it you know nothing about futbol.
well you said i know nothing about football, please let me ask you this question, do they have to drop their boots in character before you know who is the best? please your answer.
Futbol experts have refused to be drawn into arguements about the pair.
  Forget about Leo10's four Ballon d'Or, who knows if Cristiano will equal that this term.
  Do not ever make a mistake of concluding the judgement, the pair are of course the best to grace the game but no one is yet to find who is superior, not Sammy Kuffor, Victor Ikpeba, Pep Guadiola, Jose Mourinho, Sepp Blatter, YOU, ME or anyone!
pls carefully look at the post. we are just trying to figure out their character and how they behaved.
You figured their characters in just a single game and that you drew a big conclusion.
 How could you!
it seems like you are use to watching premia league not laliga. try to watch ronaldo on several occasion and see how he behaved, the thing is that this one is more obvious, i watch laliga more often because i like barca and the league title is right in front of us after real draw  2-2 to valencia messi balon d or loading....5 balon d or. messi dont need to work hard like ronaldo because he is gifted.
Although i don't watch football match for quite sometimes but to the best of my recollection Messi is far better than Cristiano Ronaldo, and i would have to state some of my reasons if anyone tries not to agree with what i have just said
Thanks Panchaze Am Just Trying To Make Sir Phil Know That A Complete Player Must Be Build Up Both In Style Of Play And In Character, Not That I Hate Cr7 But I Dislike His Behaviour. Panchaze Please Your Reasons Might Be Of To Sir Phil Please Kindly State It.
I have never missed a Real Madrid match this season, do not have issues with CR-7's attidude, it's part of his competitive make up. You already said it, Leo is gifted, but Cristiano has strived to become what he is today. He was born into a poor family, He's a product of hard work, he should be a model for all who wish to be successful in life.                         DO NOT HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH HIS ATTITUDE, IT'S JUST BUT PART OF HIS COMPETITIVE MAKE UP
Sir-phil has already agreed so no need to state the reasons.
i can see it.
Chris Head Mod.
You are looking at goals only, what about other player qualities like stamina, passing, jump, nodding, free kicks, speed e.t.c
Thanks Chris for joining the conversation. It never occured to me that any of those were important. CR-7 has scored more carrier goals than Leo to start with. Or, is it bcoz he never celebrated his 400th carrier goals?
cr7 apperance in the world of football is more than leo but still, leo prove to be the best. chris, when you talk on the aspect of ball control leo is the best it seems as if the ball is just gule to his legs, while talking on the aspect of passes leo grow up in a team that is use to tiki taka so there is no way that cr7 will be better than leo on that. infact leo is compared to pele, maradona, but cr7 is compared to leo, for this reason  leo is simply the greatest footballer in history.
CR-7 has never been compared to anyone at least the last time I checked.
 He is extraordinary, he is unique, faster, stronger, smarter, more intelligent and also a conquerer of two domestic league that your favoured Messi couldn't dare.
 What has Leo done? Ten years at Barcelona? Tell me what medal he has that Ronaldo doesn't, and I'll tell you Messi is just a step too far.
 My brother this debate you just started will never end untill you just realise that it's rather too early to determine a superior admist of CR-7 and Leo10.
u make me to laught when you said that `what has leo won that cr7 has not won'. do you know that leo motivate cr7. when leo was a young player he won the worldcup best player, when he is now old he won the 2014 worldcup best player, leo won four straight ballon d'or which no player on earth has won, leo is currently the alltime champion league goal scorrer, leo is the alltime laliga goal scorrer, just to mention a few only world cup is remainly cr7 has never in achieved these things and to crown it up, cr7 apperance in the world of football is more than leo, and still leo is able to achieved all of these, please at least for once it is good that we say the truth, leo is the best you know it.
A tree does not make a forest; if you think that isn't so, then ask Leo to move to a different league, new playmates, a new life, new language, lets see if he will concquer the way CR-7 did in Spain and Europe.
LMAO when will you conclude this debate? I kept my mouth muted for i don't have anything to say again.
Yes, there is nothing to be said about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi so long as both are alive and playing on a top level.
  Pele never had to win four Ballon d'Or before been considered as the best of all time, why take it as a top priority when Ronaldo still has a chance of equalling that feat this year, he isn't dead, or is he?
  Do not bother people about your personal likeness of one and hatred of the other.
  If in due time Messi is labelled the best of all time, there is nothing I can do but give him the full credit and respect that he deserves. But... If otherwise...
 ...Then you would have absolutely nothing to do about it.
  For the sake of now, I rest my case.

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