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Head Mod.
It first started like a silly joke but after four very famous deaths, we are starting to get worried, more like scared.

First it was former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, then world
terrorist Osama Bin Laden
followed by Apple founder Steve
and most recently ‘Queen of
Pop’ Whitney Houston. But what
do these famous people have in
common other than the fact that
they are dead? Well it’s none other than 21-year-
old Welsh Arsenal FC footballer
Aaron Ramsey. The last time four times Ramsey has scored in the past year, the above mentioned
famous people have died.
Check the statistics:

It all started last May when
Ramsey scored against
Manchester United at the Emirates
stadium in the second half of a
May 1 fixture. The following day,
Osama bin Laden was reported to
have been shot dead by U.S. Navy
Seals in Pakistan.

It continued on October 2, 2011
when Ramsey put one at the back
of the Tottenham Hotspurs FC at
White Hart Lane. Three days later
Apple founder Steve Jobs who
had been battling pancreatic
cancer for a while passed away.

It’s October 19, 2011 and Ramsey
scores a striking injury-time goal
against French side Marseille
during a Champions League group
stage match. The next day Ex-
Libyan president Muammar
Gaddafi was captured by rebels
after weeks of combat and died
of injuries inflicted on him.

The most recent part of this tale
happened on February 11. Just
after Ramsey scored against
premier league side Sunderland,
Whitney was found dead in her
bath tub at the Beverly Hilton in
Los Angeles.
Fans and football pundits have
got talking, waiting to see if
Ramsey ‘infamous’ scoring will
keep up with the famous deaths.
A facebook fan page has already
been opened called ‘Saving an
Aaron Ramsey shot is like saving
someone’s life’ with the first
comment reading ‘Ramsey is such
a deadly player‘.
Arsenal played against AC Milan
last night in Italy but lost 4 to nil.
All eyes are on the next fixture
against Tottenham Hotspur which
he first scored against; starting
the death coincidence.

Xame goes for C.Ronaldo as well as messi.

  When he scores as messi trys 2 strike against C.Ronaldo's goal-post,his focus boosts as his confidence was 2 explode.
He is then gossiped of been weak.

  As this happens, he makes sure he wins next match.
Saving RAMSEY shot is equivalent 2 savin famous life.......hhhmmm.....STRANGE BUT TRUE!!!
Then He Should Stop Scorimg Goals To Save Lives
Does it mean that famouis names are sacrificed just for these ppl to score goals? Big Whash!!!! ??? ??? ???

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