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Every One Watch Football,this one is in manchester and that boy in chelsea.why do people have passion that if they scored they will shout goalllllllllllllllll and when we shout goal they'll give us nothing y?

Futbol is a universal language. Nothing unites like futbol.
  I 've received a lot of compliments from people I never believed we had met before but they do watch me play a match with one team or the other.
Even opponents sometimes get to meet me on different occasions to shear a drink.
 What do you think is the reason for this?
 Is it not better to be a futbol fanatic than to mingle with drunkards and gamblers?
drunker and gamblers are not the only one you can find some important ones like (n/a)
What does n/a mean?
If I tell you people something, you may not believe me, but its exactly the truth.
Do you believe that l dont have a single interest in games and l dont watch football?
 l prefer watching movies to watching football.
I've discovered that football has caught the attention of many people today, but personally, l dont just like it. l only watch football when Nigeria wants to play FINAL with any country and that is if l'm at home that time.
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But do you see any fault in futbol or you just dont like it, thats all?
No, I dont say football is not good, but my personal interest and one more thing shifts my interest the more from it; it has a spirit that easily makes pple get addicted to it.
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I am never addicted to it
Neither had I been addicted or obsessed with it and I never will.
But to me, football of a thing doesnt add anything beneficial to our lives, except those players who are making money from it; but spectators are just wasting their time.
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thats what i was saying
Maybe you try. The compliments, meeting new people, you may never know, you can find yourself in crazy situations but someone's there to bail you out. You may not know how he knew you, maybe you were only supporting the same team some day
Ok, its helpful in relating with members of one's team.
l understand that.
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Remember, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Good to see some souls finding pleasure in futbol rather than sitting idle.
oh you are right it's something
You are right; but personally l just prefer watching movies to that. I'm talking about personal liking; atimes, l ask myself this question: "Many people like football, why is it that l dont just like it"?
Well, God created us differently.
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Yeah you maybe right as well, but I wasnt born to love futbol either, I only learnt to follow it and now its nothing but abrupt fun!
mr paul you are not the only one who hates it or dont like it,i also
Paul doesnt hate futbol, you are alone on this @Spottykay. Remember he said he watches it if hears that Nigeria is playing
@Phil, Someone deleted my last post here; is it you?
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it's also happening to me in many posts
No Mr Paul, I cant recall anything of such. You can see I posted a reply directly towards your last post. All the same, sorry for that. Whoever did it might have done so accidentally coz I know for sure that you adhere strickly to the rules.
Ok thanks for the help of my last question you answered but for mr paul  i dont really think someone can do that accidentally
Ok, I thank both of you for clarification.
May be the Admin(Mr A), and he is the highest operating authority here.
Let's forget about it.
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@Spottykay, It happens! I mistakenly removed Netsela's post(Netsela is one of the Moderators) sometime ago, that wasnt what I wanted, all I wanted was to Quote it and I ended up removing it But I sent him a PM immediately explaining everything and he understood with me, he had to re-write the post again.
Alright; its true, no one is above mistake.
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mr paul if you are young and you told an adult no one is above mistake then he/she starts saying bad.Then why did the person beat up that person
Its not that kind of mistake l'm talking about: for example, l cannot make a mistake and start cursing someone beside the road.
Some mistakes are inevitable, but many things people call mistakes are not, but did such in their own free will.
Still, no one is above mistake.
For example, l worked with a company this year; l thought its a reliable one; l worked there for four months without been paid and people started blaming me that why did l leave my teaching job?
Many people blamed me; that is a mistake, but any1 can fall for that.
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I would be tempted as well.
In fact, the director of the company promised me N6,000 in a day=N144,000 in a month, which l never received: he deceived me with sugar-coated mouth.
It was serious with me and family, but l thank God for His mercy.
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