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It may be true that Benfica is cursed by their former coach who died many years ago, due to he was treated badly and sacked but does it mean that Benfica will not lift up the Europe trophy untill the 100 years of the curse is complete. What do curse has to do with football if i may ask? It has been 8 good times Benfica has been to the final but have not been able to lift up the trophy. The team and managers of Benfica had all visited the grave of the former Coach several times to plead and ask for mercy so that the curse will be broken. According to a psycologist who appeared in NTA sport, she said: the reason why Benfica was not able to win the trophy against Sevila was because, it has been a stamp in the mind of people and the club that they are cursed and for that they may not win the trophy untill the believed curse expire, so therefore everyone needs to erase the idea of such thaught in their mind, most especially the team and managers. She mentioned again that such curse do not exist but the people of Benfica has taken it to be a serious issue and that was why they were not able to win the trophy for 8 times in the final European cup. But to you, do you believe Benfica is cursed? Do you also believe Benfica wont lift up the trophy untill the 100 years is complete?


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