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[Introduce Yourself] parent's ekure david 1845 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Maintaining your teeth gum- Netsela 1219 2
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Moderators Needed On EasyNaija Mr A 2242 2
[Marriage & Relationships] U and the opposite sex Netsela 2126 5
[Computers] Free computer browser Netsela 2184 0
[Food] HOW TO PREPARE COCONUT RICE Netsela 4239 12
[Food] HOW TO PREPARE BANGA SOUP Netsela 2037 0
[Food] HOW TO PREPARE OGBONO SOUP Netsela 2186 1
[Food] How to prepare jollof rice Netsela 2462 1
[Education] Bomb blastes in some universities Netsela 1795 4
[Education] Kidnappings and robbery on campuses Netsela 1259 0
[Sports] Chelsea target lewandowski Netsela 1859 8
[Sports] England pronounces World beaters to Norway Netsela 1350 0
[Sports] Van Ginkel hints at Premmove Netsela 1221 0
[Sports] female lawn tennis fans in kaduna queen101 2212 4
[Education] What are the effect of fraud in the development of banking industry in nigeria Mobolaji Shokoya 1769 0
[Sports] 5 April 2013...Chelsea blue paint adidas 600x412 Netsela 1729 1
[Sports] Europe's top club contest Netsela 1901 1
[Sports] World Best Footballer-C.Ronaldo.Who go against that? Netsela 1793 5
[Lifestyle Advice] Cultism is a dangerous game guys. Netsela 2019 5
[Music] Criminality and Security Netsela 1256 0
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] How to charge your mobile battery full without using phone charger. Netsela 10591 45
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Civil rule are far better than military rule. What do you think? Netsela 26771 2
[Music] Need Help in Music Career Deebaba1 1965 3
[Sports] Hello. Deleboy 1118 0
[Lifestyle Advice] societal disturbances ishmael mfon 1004 2
[Child Care & Parenting] Why are Male Children Considered More Important Than Female Ones? ishmael mfon 60171 63
[Music] What should be done to reduce immoralty among musicians? Awosemo 2145 4
[Lifestyle Advice] SEXUAL PROMISCUITY. Sarry b 963 1
[Sports] Arsene Wenger Buys Fellani Bassey ramsey 1457 1
[Introduce Yourself] What do you think it can stop one from Being who he ought to be? or making it..? 2648 8
[Introduce Yourself] LOVE RULES: (It is the key to best living; in every area of life. 2296 2
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Web master zone CHARMINGPRINCE 2742 4
[Sports] Jose Mourinho To Sell David Luiz and Ramires olamide2010 2631 1
[2go] Download WhatsApp on Tecno N3 and Other Tecno Mobile and China Phones Chris 314125 162
[Lifestyle Advice] Not all Guys Want Physical Relationships, Some of Them Want a Serious Relationship davelove 2657 11
[Education] How Can You Tell If You Spouse Truly Loves You? durlarphur 2830 3
[Lifestyle Advice] What are Words That Begin With "F" king bella 3874 28
[Market Place] Smart and Fitted Clothings and Shoes For Sale Ayomix204 1773 0
[Market Place] Novels and Children's Books For Sale Dada Promise 2163 1
[Sports] ROONEY in or out? b2d008 1640 3
[Music] Lack of recycling facilies in nigeria revolutionary x 2510 7
[Education] Do Ladies Fall in Love Because of Money and Material Things? davelove 7931 37
[Lifestyle Advice] Do Relationships Contribute Negatively To One's Academic Performance? davelove 3375 14
[Lifestyle Advice] Is it wise or adviceable 2 employ d services of a maid wen d wife of d house is pregnant? davelove 2181 5
[Lifestyle Advice] Is it wise or adviceable 2 employ d services of a maid wen d wife of d house is pregnant? davelove 4278 21
[Marriage & Relationships] Are All Guys Stingy? davelove 4541 25
[Marriage & Relationships] Housemaids and Broken Homes revolutionary x 4286 20
[Education] The effect of lack of care on children revolutionary x 2886 6
[Education] Is It Right For Parents To Choose Spouses For Their Children? revolutionary x 6400 32
[Education] Are There Enough Facilities in Nigerian Hospitals? revolutionary x 2317 4
[Education] Bank marketers and prostitution revolutionary x 4786 23
[Education] Effects of broken homes on the children revolutionary x 6246 12
[Education] Coruption and nigeria revolutionary x 4577 15
[Education] Children and learning revolutionary x 2402 3
[Education] Lack of adequate drainage systems revolutionary x 1947 3
[Education] Should Deforestation Be Stopped? revolutionary x 1820 6
[Education] Polution and increase of cars revolutionary x 1604 0
[Education] Sexual harassment in universities revolutionary x 2323 11
[Education] Human nature and crime revolutionary x 1715 0
[Education] The Rise of the Cost of Transportation revolutionary x 1760 4
[Education] The distance between d rich and d poor revolutionary x 2502 4
[Education] Effect of d bad economy on our student's performance revolutionary x 2567 2
[Lifestyle Advice] Is It Wrong If a Guy asks a Girl Out only to Get Laid? davelove 3852 22
[Lifestyle Advice] If u want 2 end a relationship wat is d appropriate way u tink it can b ended we davelove 4332 20
[Food] Fact You Must Know About Onions Emmysmusical 2054 4
[Education] Effects of unqualified teachers on our children revolutionary x 7903 13
[Education] Effects Of Inexperienced Teachers on Nigerian Children revolutionary x 2701 6
[Education] Cultism In African Campuses revolutionary x 7102 30
[Education] Drug abuse among teenagers revolutionary x 1397 0
[Education] Drug abuse among teenagers revolutionary x 1356 0
[Education] The indecent dressing dat girl on our campuses exhibit revolutionary x 3021 14
[Music] Homosexuality and single sex schools revolutionary x 2178 5
[Music] Unemployment and crime rate revolutionary x 2159 2
[Sports] Mourinho,officially signed under chelsea tjbayus20 2356 1
[Religion] Jesus Is Alive Gbenga ADEBAJO IDOWU 3196 12
[Marriage & Relationships] Love Is Madness? adenike3425 3244 13
[Music] Bullying on campus revolutionary x 1561 1
[Music] Social networking and english revolutionary x 2964 10
[Music] EFFECTS OF GSM ON UNDERAGED CHILDREN revolutionary x 4226 18
[Education] Is the human brain evolving? revolutionary x 1737 0
[Phones & Internet] All Network free browsing now blazing 4 all network TO GET A YEAR FREE BROWSING: NOTE:: its an annua acessloaded 11599 29
[Market Place] how to get sombdy's phone no. Without letting him or her knw pecator 3896 9
[Market Place] How To Transfer MB on Etisalat pecator 67355 31
[Phones & Internet] UNLIMITED BROWSIING FOR MTN. Browse till your last day on earth. Emmysmusical 4397 14
[Lifestyle Advice] 78 year old Grandma Starts Primary School in Kenya Jennifer 2156 8
[Lifestyle Advice] Let us talk ABU CLEM 1782 6
[Lifestyle Advice] Malema In Exam Hall Jennifer 3133 19
[Marriage & Relationships] Can true love die? Ibrahim9964 15085 110
[Sports] The Coming Of Jesus. adelanachristopher 3949 7
[Education] Question and Answer Ann 3373 15
[2go] 2go Ray 3606 4
[Education] Why are ladies also obsessed with money and material stuff? spy-x 3155 12
[Music] TELL US SECRETS ABOUT YOURSELF. 2bad2good 5120 33
[Fun & Jokes] Chat With Jennifer Jennifer 9561 51
[Sports] Football world adeoye kaybee 3128 2
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] HOW TO PRINT MTN,ETIZALAT,GLO AND AIRTEL :-)FOR FREE 2bad2good 5638 16
[Music] Scouting For Artistes Mr A 1875 10
[Music] THE ONE CJ1J 3019 38
[Music] battle line. 2bad2good 2677 8
[Fun & Jokes] Fun Game: Make a Sentence With The Last Word Chris 25034 184
[Fun & Jokes] Last Letter Game Chris 44329 410
[Music] Gen Luciva Vs 2bad2good Chris 3010 25
[Market Place] LAPTOP AND SMART PHONE FOR SALE 2bad2good 3457 9
[Education] uniport masters form 2013/2014 NNADI COLLINS 3214 4
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Online BBM Meet-up 2bad2good 2597 4
[Music] Yoruba Rappers Cypher 2bad2good 3565 11
[2go] 2go registration LARAGOLD 6329 5
[Child Care & Parenting] The Effect of T.V Violence on Youth and Kids revolutionary x 4046 12
[Lifestyle Advice] Girls: What Hair are You Putting on Right Now? Jennifer 6846 36
[Music] 3 basic body type 1mesomorph.fat & round 2endomorph big with internal muscle 3 ectomorph lekpacious revolutionary x 2440 1
[Computers] Water Or Food Which is More Important To Humans ramslymade 7077 27
[Music] Rapper List Cypher 2bad2good 3907 16
[Sports] Europa League Champions!! Chris 2589 1
[Education] Abia State University kaykidz 4227 13
[Music] Calling All Rappers Chris 5872 36
[Sports] where is ronaldino? Wiz6 1501 2
[Introduce Yourself] Tunex Tunex 1449 0
[Introduce Yourself] what is love olakunle 3971 11
[Lifestyle Advice] Is Having / Buying a Car a Sign Of Prosperity? Chris 4113 8
[Marriage & Relationships] Your View About Social Network Love Chris 5281 22
[Sports] Describe Jose Mourinho In One Word Chris 5356 24
[Lifestyle Advice] Your Mom or Dad - Who Do You Speak Often To? Chris 1949 10
[Lifestyle Advice] Is Nadia Buhari The Most Beautiful Actress In Africa? Jennifer 4272 20
[Sports] Sir Alex Ferguson To Quit as Man Utd Boss Jennifer 1776 4
[Lifestyle Advice] Nigerian Veteran Actor Lere Paimo Down With Stroke Chris 1696 0
[Education] What Do You Know About Love? raxhidmanoti 13553 78
[Lifestyle Advice] hi good looking 865 1
[Lifestyle Advice] The liar Nellypat 947 5
[Lifestyle Advice] Two enemies in heaven Nellypat 2234 14
[Lifestyle Advice] A strange birthday Nellypat 3236 14
[Lifestyle Advice] A DRUNK HUSBAND MURDERS WIFE Nellypat 5553 23
[Lifestyle Advice] She Spends N500,000 ($3,000) on Her Hair Every Month! Jennifer 3283 17
[Lifestyle Advice] Rukky Sanda Says She's One of the Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria - Do You Agree? Jennifer 4065 23
[Lifestyle Advice] Why Is The Man The Head Of A Family? Chris 4773 26
[Marriage & Relationships] Should a Woman Pay For a Man's Dinner at a Date? Chris 8618 51
[Lifestyle Advice] How Do You Define a True Friend? Mr A 13145 67
[Computers] Hi 1523 2
[Introduce Yourself] HI, I am Jenny from USA jennyj12 3058 17
[Phones & Internet] How to get 5mb on MTN Iberufatai 1966 0
[Lifestyle Advice] B.f Irespecial 1668 8
[2go] Download 2go Chat akinyemi joshua 42078 6
[Phones & Internet] Whatsapp arthom 8455 11
[2go] 2go registration and sign up - Friend requests Agboola Gboyega 51389 101
[2go] 2go starprogress chۈt if u start 4rm novice to master just 4 48 hours Praise2638 5518 2
[Lifestyle Advice] The Illuminati - Does The Illuminati Really Exist? [PROOF] Chris 3479 4
[Sports] 2go downloading Lukman azeez akorede 3919 13
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Nigerian Social Network? Jennifer 6341 9
[Music] Music lyrics 4 sale Poet 3661 17
[Education] Why are Some Guys Obsessed With S3x sexybabe42 7892 42
[Lifestyle Advice] What Is The Full Meaning Of MTN? Jennifer 28486 5
[Lifestyle Advice] JESUS IS COMING BACK Ambuka 4227 17
[Education] The Coming of the Messiah Ambuka 2422 2
[Sports] HI ONYEKA 1070 2
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] 2go verification Josh 4469 25
[Lifestyle Advice] Would You Allow Your Brother-In-Law Deliver Your Baby? Chris 3648 16
[Music] What Music Production Software Do You Use? Mr A 2689 9
[2go] Download 2go Mobile Chat on Tecno T605 and other Tecno Mobile Phones / China phones Chris 219150 132
[Market Place] happy home OJOH Peter 4110 8
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Suggestions For Mr A 3746 25
[Phones & Internet] BECOME UNSTOPABLE ON INTERNET. things u should know oliy24 4314 6
[iPhone] How To Jailbreak iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS iOS6 using Sn0wbreeze Chris 4314 1
[Computers] How To Fix and Revive a Dried Printer Ink Cartridge Invigilator 2288 0
[2go] 2go Registration and Sign up - How to download and register new 2go account Mr A 772000 208
[Computers] How To Unlock Huawei and ZTE Usb Modems and Data Cards Using DC Unlocker Mr A 6088 1
[Computers] How To Unlock ZTE Usb Modems - MF180 - MF190 - MF110 - MF673U - [Download] Mr A 10565 6
[Music] Chris Vs Mr A Chris 2211 11
[Introduce Yourself] Reconciliation Bj 1559 1
[2go] 2go Download - Latest Version for Mobile and PC Mr A 49016 28
[iPhone] Fix iPhone Error 3014 - iTunes Error 3014 During iPhone Restore Mr A 29620 2
[Introduce Yourself] wow nancylicious 1752 2
[iPhone] Fix iPhone 5 Error "No Sim Card Installed Insert a Valid Sim With No Pin Lock To Activate iPhone" Mr A 3948 0
[iPhone] Fix iPhone Error 1015 Stuck in Recovery Mode - iTunes Restore Error for iPhone 3G &3GS Chris 6211 0
[Marriage & Relationships] Why Must Men Do The Proposal? - Should Women Propose To Men? Chris 6876 42
[iPhone] iPhone Error 1013 Fix - How To Fix iPhone Error 1013 Chris 3808 0
[Lifestyle Advice] How Do You Cope With Heart Break? Jennifer 5338 37
[iPhone] How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 for iPhone during iPhone Restore - 3194 Fix for iPhone and iPad Chris 23494 21
[Marriage & Relationships] How Do You Know True Love marian odior 8626 58
[Computers] How To Watch Dstv On Your Laptop - Watch Dstv On Pc or Computer Invigilator 13957 3
[Sports] "Other Rappers Be Like Naija Dem No Dey Reach Final" - Olamide Invigilator 2605 8
[Blackberry] How To Watch Dstv on Your Blackberry Mobile Phone - Dstv For Blackberry 9300 Chris 26550 3
[Marriage & Relationships] Boyfriend Destroyer Method - How To Seduce any Girl Even If She Has a Boyfriend Chris 13170 46
[2go] How To Change Your 2go Phone Number - I Want To Change My 2go Phone Number to a New One Mr A 95941 37
[Lifestyle Advice] Church vs Beggars - Who You Should Give Your Spare Money To Mr A 3094 15
[2go] How To Get More 2go Credits - Get Free 2go Credits - Invigilator 17797 3
[2go] Get New 2go Password - How To Change Your 2go Password Invigilator 23696 2
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] Build a professional website Barryciwolski 3881 10
[Satellite Tv] How To Pay for Dstv Subscription Online - Dstv Online Payment Chris 19440 3
[Education] Waec Timetable 2013 - Wassce 2013 Timetable Invigilator 9631 1
[Phones & Internet] How To Turn Off GiffGaff Voicemail - Codes to Activate and Deactivate Voicemail Chris 4568 0
[Phones & Internet] GiffGaff Voicemail Settings - How To Check GiffGaff Voicemail Chris 3793 0
[2go] Download 2go Mobile Chat and Start Chatting With Friends - 2go Download Guide Mr A 262386 85
[2go] Connect 2go to Facebook and Chat With Your Facebook Friends - Facebook Gateway Mr A 10525 7
[Lifestyle Advice] Who Would You Save? Chris 1884 8
[Introduce Yourself] Please My People, How Do I Use This Site? Angelgab 3877 13
[Introduce Yourself] badoo olamide 2135 3
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] How To Drive Traffic To Your Website - Get People to Visit Your Website and Make Money Online Chris 3569 4
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] How To Create A Successful Blog And Make Money. softvie 4807 3
[Introduce Yourself] Am Thank-God THANK-GOD FRANCIS 2315 3
[Education] JAMB Online Registration Procedure For 2013/2014 UTME Invigilator 4647 3
[Education] JAMB 2013/2014 Registration Deadline - Closing Date For JAMB Registration Invigilator 9870 2
[Introduce Yourself] Illori ilori 1700 0
[Introduce Yourself] Mustapha mustapha olayiwola 1673 0
[Introduce Yourself] Hector Blixz Hector Blixz 1856 1
[Sports] Gullit: Real Madrid star Ronaldo deserves Ballon d'Or ahead of Barcelona's Messi Chris 3501 7
[Lifestyle Advice] MISSING PERSON - Toluwalope Anne Adigun Mr A 2806 3
[Marriage & Relationships] How To Text A Girl - And Turn Her On - Texting Tips Chris 6128 14
[Market Place] Buy Imported Office Chairs & Furniture In Nigeria Invigilator 2446 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Vacancy At Diamantemine Limited Invigilator 1658 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Father Nabbed For Killing 4 Months Old Son For Ritual In Egbe, Kogi State Invigilator 3038 8
[Lifestyle Advice] Nigerians To Get Identification Numbers Invigilator 1843 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Can You Re-Marry Your Divorced Spouse? Jennifer 2816 9
[Introduce Yourself] I am Christopher Chris 1928 0
[Market Place] How To Post Ads Here Mr A 3873 4
[Education] WAEC Cancels All Withheld 2012 G.C.E Results Chris 4057 10
[Lifestyle Advice] What's Your Best Soft Drink? Chris 2721 17
[Sports] DONE DEAL: Borussia Dortmund star Lewandowski agrees Man Utd terms Invigilator 2807 2
[Sports] Messi offered amazing €90 MILLION to quit Barcelona Invigilator 2531 3
[Sports] Ronaldo Wants To Quit Real Madrid for Man Utd Return, Ignoring PSG riches Invigilator 4655 21
[Computers] How To Open and Edit psd File Without Adobe Photoshop Mr A 2627 0
[Computers] How To Force Delete a File or Folder - Error Deleting File - Unable To Delete Mr A 4222 1
[Politics] Abductors Of Okonjo-Iweala's Mom Nabbed While Making Deposit Mr A 3550 0
[Politics] US To Send Soldiers To Tackle Boko Haram Mr A 4134 1
[Education] NYSC 2013 BATCH A - New Date For Orientation Course Chris 3038 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Be a thousandnaire toyebobo 1378 2
[Politics] biola ige (tweet) toyebobo 2998 1
[Lifestyle Advice] 40-Year Old Man Excretes 90 Wraps Of Cocaine In 2 Weeks Mr A 3105 3
[Computers] Free 500MB On MTN Nigeria Chris 7920 11
[Politics] BREAKING NEWS: Helicopter Crash - Kaduna Gov., Former NSA, Others Feared Dead Chris 3630 1
[Sports] Arsene Wenger: We Will Buy Messi In January And Surprise You Chris 2539 7
[Lifestyle Advice] Ugonna Obuzor, One Of Aluu4 Victims Laid To Rest Today Chris 1756 3
[Lifestyle Advice] About 800,000 Nigerians Jostle For 1,500 Graduate Positions In INEC Chris 2176 6
[Lifestyle Advice] Photo: Big Brother Star Karen Igho Gets Beaten Up at Smirnoff Party Chris 2335 3
[Sports] Chelsea launching €30M bid for Real Madrid wing-back Marcelo Chris 2859 4
[Lifestyle Advice] Granite Truck Crushed 7 Students To Death In Ogun, 50 Vehicles Damaged Chris 2518 7
[Lifestyle Advice] Justin Bieber Murder Plot Revealed…$2,500 Offered For Each Of His Testicles Chris 1756 0
[Computers] How To Use Bold and Underlined Text in Facebook Chat Chris 4212 2
[Politics] “If Fashola Still Smokes, Then Okada Riders Have A Right To Operate” - NLC Chris 2727 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Chinedu ‘Aki’ Ikedieze Clocks 35-Years Today, 12-12-12 Chris 2472 8
[Sports] Barcelona revive pursuit for Chelsea defender David Luiz Chris 2972 3
[Sports] Agent convinced Sneijder will choose Man Utd over PSG Chris 1830 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Unidentified Man Falls From The Sky Chris 1350 0
[Lifestyle Advice] 3 Policemen Run For Dear Life As Rãpist Allegedly Turns Into Baboon in Zimbabwe Chris 3061 11
[Lifestyle Advice] Nigerian Female Singer Stabbed By Landlord's Son [PICTURES] Chris 4506 23
[Sports] Fulham and Sunderland chasing Rayo Vallecano striker Leo Baptistao Chris 1322 0
[Sports] Man City After Dinamo Zagreb defender Domagoj Vida Chris 2248 1
[Sports] Evra: PSG Will Have To Kill Fergie For Me To Leave Chris 1967 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Your Bathing Soap May Be Harmful To Your Skin - The Right Soap To Use Chris 13938 4
[Computers] Airtel - Subscribe For 2 Months and Get 1 Month Free - How To Activate Chris 6043 1
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] How Many Blogs Should You Have To Make Money Online Easily Chris 3439 2
[Computers] How To Change Or Edit Your 2go Profile Details - Name Gender Location Birthday Mr A 37920 13
[Food] How To Make Dry Bitter Leaves Fresh Again Chris 5095 6
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Look Better In Pictures Chris 2302 12
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Make Your Skin Clearer and Smoother Chris 2137 6
[Health] How To Get A Good Nights Sleep Chris 7696 22
[Lifestyle Advice] Revive An Empty Printer Cartridge With A Hair Dryer Chris 1913 2
[Fun & Jokes] Stranded Goat Chris 2342 2
[Lifestyle Advice] LETTER TO DAD Chris 2009 2
[Sports] FIFA Reveals Top 3 For World Footballer Of The Year Ballon d'Or Chris 2765 2
[Computers] Sim Welcome Back Process For Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo - How To Do Sim Replacement Mr A 43044 19
[Lifestyle Advice] Fake Employment Companies To Avoid Chris 2880 4
[Computers] How To Replace or Change Your Laptop Hard Disk Drive Mr A 2916 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Under Inflated Tires are Highly Dangerous Mr A 1214 2
[Computers] How To Cancel Internet Data Bundle Plan Subscription For MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat Chris 63545 2
[Computers] web technology and design ogunbayoholuwarphemmy 2408 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Nigeria Loses 7 Billion Dollars To Oil Bunkering Yearly Chris 2067 3
[Lifestyle Advice] Dangote To Build 300Billion Naira Fertilizer Plant In Edo State Chris 2232 1
[Lifestyle Advice] ATM Users Will No Longer Pay N100 On Withdrawals - CBN Chris 2832 3
[Lifestyle Advice] Harvest toyebobo 1135 3
[Education] JAMB To Release Results 30 Minutes After Exams Chris 4561 5
[Lifestyle Advice] Tribal Marks. Right or Wrong Mr A 3104 18
[Lifestyle Advice] The Reformers Youth Movement toyebobo 2286 9
[Lifestyle Advice] a year ago toyebobo 2838 7
[Lifestyle Advice] Does Your Family Eat Together With The HouseHelp? Chris 3871 19
[Politics] Barack Obama Wins Second Term Mr A 4411 6
[Lifestyle Advice] Awakinig the Giant Withhin Childrenscommitteesa 1220 3
[Jobs] [VACANCY] Academic Staff Needed At a School In Lagos Mr A 5117 0
[Religion] Will Muslims See God? Mr A 2381 8
[Lifestyle Advice] Revealed: The True Story Behind the Killing Of the 4 Uniport Students. Mr A 3885 6
[Lifestyle Advice] Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder Dmolarex 1942 2
[Lifestyle Advice] Port Adelaide Footballer John McCarthy Dead Chris 1932 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Morgan Freeman Dead? No He Is Alive And Well Another Hoax Chris 1948 5
[Computers] How To download 2go on Laptop Pc - 2go Registration For Laptops and Computers Chris 16817 8
[Blackberry] How To Fix Blackberry Error 552 Chris 4907 0
[Blackberry] How To Fix Blackberry Error Message 507 Mr A 5904 0
[Blackberry] How To Fix Blackberry Error 102 Mr A 13136 1
[Computers] How To Boost and Increase Your 2go Star Level Progress Quickly - Star Booster Mr A 71721 80
[Blackberry] How To Fix Blackberry Error 503: Service Unavailable Mr A 10681 0
[Blackberry] How To Fix Blackberry App Error 523 - Error 523 Blackberry Fix Mr A 22590 0
[Lifestyle Advice] [ISSUE] There Are No Drainages In The Streets. The City Is Flooded Mr A 1558 1
[Blackberry] How To Fix Error ID 40820 Blackberry App World Is Having Trouble Connecting To App World Server Mr A 18606 3
[Sports] 2012 Most Dangerous African Countries To Live In Mr A 2966 4
[Sports] Arsenal to play Nigeria's Super Eagles in Abuja August 5 Mr A 2125 0
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Make Your Bed Neatly - The Best Method Chris 3876 11
[Computers] How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Fan Page Invigilator 4683 11
[Computers] Free Browsing Trick For MTN June/July 2012 On IWP Invigilator 5504 0
[Computers] Etisalat Free Browsing Trick For Opera Mini June/July 2012 Invigilator 6980 4
[Marriage & Relationships] How To Plan Your Wedding Budget Chris 2982 2
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Get Children To Take Medicine Chris 2727 5
[Computers] Get 520MB On The Etisalat Facebook Promo Chris 4925 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Security Tips - How To Avoid Being Robbed Chris 3513 13
[Lifestyle Advice] Third Mainland Bridge To Be Closed For Repairs From July 1st To November 6, 2012 Invigilator 1639 0
[Jobs] English Teacher Needed At French International School Of Lagos Chris 5712 0
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Prevent Dry Skin Chris 1739 1
[Lifestyle Advice] TEN FOR TEN - BETTER LIFE #2: STAY BEAUTIFUL Mr A 10193 45
[Lifestyle Advice] How To Burn Belly Fat Chris 1762 1
[Computers] How Computer Viruses Work Chris 2856 0
[Computers] Top 10 Most Deadly Computer Viruses Of All Time Chris 4760 1
[Computers] How To Speed Up Your RAM And Make Your Laptop Run Faster Chris 2449 0
[Internet Businesses & Webmasters] How to use the Google +1 Social Bookmark Button Chris 28747 1
[Computers] How to Appear Cooler on Facebook Than You Really Are Chris 2751 0
[Computers] How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection Chris 2407 0
[Computers] The Best SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks Chris 3066 1
[Computers] How To Increase The Range Of Your Wireless Network Chris 2867 0
[Computers] How To Change Twitter Avi Avatar Picture From Your Mobile Phone Mr A 9858 2
[Computers] How To Remove Facebook Timeline Mr A 2415 0
[Lifestyle Advice] New Electricity Tariffs From 2012 to 2015 Chris 2235 3
[Lifestyle Advice] Dana Crash: Black Box Report Will Be Ready In 2013 Chris 2131 0
[Phones & Internet] How To Increase Your Phone's Battery Life Chris 5724 9
[Computers] Data Recovery Software TwistedSoul 3155 1
[Computers] How To Connect Twitter To Facebook Mr A 4500 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Aero Contractor Plane Misses Runway At Uyo Airport Mr A 1868 0
[Computers] How To View Full Version Of Facebook And Other Sites In Opera Mini Mr A 7669 4
[Lifestyle Advice] Orile Light Rail Station Complete Mr A 2165 0
[Lifestyle Advice] Relatives Of Dana Crash Victims To Get N16 Million Each Mr A 2207 3
[Lifestyle Advice] Dana Airline Suspended, Demuren To Step Aside Mr A 1498 0
[Lifestyle Advice] List Of Passengers And Crew On Crashed Dana Airplane - Official Manifest Chris 3320 2
[Education] 47 First Class Graduates From Delta State Get N5 Million Each Mr A 3012 1
[Computers] 2go Registration Process - How To Register and Sign Up For a 2go Account - Mr A 156781 74
[Blackberry] How To Fix "An Error Has Occurred, Please Try Again Later" - Blackberry Error On App World Login Chris 6623 0
[Education] UNILAG/MAU Students Continue Protest Ignoring Police Tear Gas Chris 3006 1
[Lifestyle Advice] 5 Killed In Tanker Explosion At Lagos/Ibadan Express Way Chris 2311 2
[Lifestyle Advice] Bank Customers Required To Provide National Identity Number Chris 2478 0
[Lifestyle Advice] NEPA: No More Blackouts? Since 1986 Chris 1323 1
[Lifestyle Advice] Happy Childrens' Day Mr A 1926 2
[Sports] Chelsea Survives As European Champions Mr A 1491 1
[Sports] Chelsea vs Bayern Munich on 19th May 2012 Mr A 1643 1
[Computers] cHeAT ZoNE iyke 4242 3
[Blackberry] Blackberry Trackball Not Working Chris 2946 0
[Phones & Internet] How To Transfer mb Megabyte on Airtel reuben419 7281 7
[Blackberry] Blackberry Trackpad Stopped Working Chris 3286 0
[Blackberry] Blackberry Cannot Receive Files Via Bluetooth Chris 3756 0
[Blackberry] My Blackberry Call Logs And Saved Text Messages Keep Disappearing Chris 3484 0
[Education] 2012/2013 NECO Time Table Invigilator 4020 1
[Blackberry] How To Fix Stuck Or Frozen Blackberry Screen Chris 13588 4
[Education] 2012/2013 WAEC - Use Of English OBJ Answers - WASSCE Expo Invigilator 5782 12
[Computers] [ISSUE] Bill Text Messages On Delivery Not On ''Message Sent'' Chris 3961 6
[Phones & Internet] Get Free Etisalat 100mb Just in a second - Free mb on Etisalat reuben419 19434 19
[Computers] MTN SIMPLE SURF iyke 4688 2
[Fun & Jokes] ObOY nA DiE!! iyke 1845 1
[Sports] ferdinand fit for match against blackburn rovers future 1551 0
[Politics] PDP's New National Officers - The complete list Mr A 3208 0
[Food] How To Make PUFF PUFF Mr A 4341 4
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