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Mr Paul
Oh !
Come and hire me; l will teach you RLOL.
To be candid, yoruba language is very easy to learn than other languages in Nigeria. So, you can get an enormous part of it within a month, if you want to.

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Of course I need to have a clue on the three major Nigerian languages
You're right Mr paul yoruba language is very easy did you knew that in a company in osogbo where indians own and nigerians work there do you belive it was only yoruba those indians understood.
Its because of the syllabic construction of the language; that's why you see Delta people speaking Yoruba language fluently, even as yoruba people do; this is followed by Hausa Language; it's  the second easiest to understand.
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You may not be too far from the truth
sir phil did you removed what i said last
What for? I have not removed a post since Christmas, thats the least I remember
I dont even remember removing a post here; may be the admin: the admin may do so if he sees that its a wrong statement.
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I see no reason why he should persist on complaining, I mean his posts hardly makes sense!
thanks for that 'my words makes no sense ' good
Spottykay, dont take it personal; that is not what Sir-phil is saying.
How will you say your post dont make sense?
At least, you are trying your best and realy improving:we are also gaining many things from your posts; "practice made perfect" and a time is coming that you will be correcting those who may be making blunders on the site.
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But if you prefer to take things personal, I will never get tired of telling you this: YOU MISINTERPRETED MY WORDS!
Mr paul thanks very much
Sir philemon that's really no more bad thanks also
You are always welcome, If you allow me call you 'friend'?
Now back to the topic under consideration.
" Who is Jesus to you ?"
What verse of the Bible attests to it that Jesus can never change?
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