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Text: Proverbs l:l0; Romans l2:l-2; I Timothy 4:l2; I John 2:l5-l7

Perversion has eaten deep into the fabrics of the world in which we all live today. Young people all over the world are falling prey of s3xual perversion and all other forms of social vices on a daily basis. Perversion, a state of moral corruption is all over the world today because of human depravity and Satan's control of the affairs of the world (I John 5:l9). Satan has taken over people's s3xual lives, fashion, social and entertainment world. However, God in his mercy has given Christian youths and students hope of escaping this perversion through His grace which is readily available in Christ Jesus.

Christian students therefore must not compromise their conviction of living a life of holiness, purity, integrity and moral dignity in the midst of the moral decadence in our world today. God is calling all Christian youths in our generation to live their lives in such a way that Satan will have nothing to hold against them (John l4:30). They must live like Noah (Genesis 6:8, l8), Joseph (Genesis 39:8-l2), Deborah (Judges 4:4), Esther (Esther 2:5, l7-l8), the sons of Recabites (Jeremiah 35:l-l9), Daniel (Daniel l:8), and Timothy (I Timothy l:5), who did not compromise during their own time.

l.     The Decadence in the Perverse World.
Text: Genesis 6:5; l8:l6-2l; l9:4-9; Judges l9:22-25; John 7:7; Romans l:l8-32; I John 2:l6

The level of perversion in our world today is unparalleled to that of any age or era. Man continues to make evil inventions to fulfill his lustful desires (Psalm l06:39; Romans l:30). The Bible did not mince word to reveal the depravity in the heart of man (Jeremiah l2:9). This state of moral depravity and perversion has driven men to invent devilish ways of filling the emptiness and vacuum that sin and Satan have brought into their hearts. This explains the high level of s3xual perversion in form of homos3xuality, lesbianism, bestiality, obscenity, whacking off and pre-marital intimacy among young people today. Other vices common among young people include exam malpractices, cultism, rape, wholigalism, armed robbery, internet fraud (yahoo-yahoo) etc. The unrestrained access of many youths to internet and social media has aggravated this menace.

Sodom and Gomorrah exemplified the pitiable decadence that characterized every society that is given over to perversion (Genesis l9:4-9). This therefore shows that as the fierce judgement of God came upon Sodom and Gomorrah, so also will God judge this present world. The only way to escape is repentance and total surrender to Jesus Christ. (John 3:l6)

2.     The Danger of Compromise in the Perverse World.
Text: Genesis 34:l; II Chronicles l8:3, 28-3l; II Corinthians 6:l4; James 4:4; I John 2:l5-l7

Compromise with the world brings disastrous consequence to people involved. The story of Dinah is a great warning to young people, especially female Christian students. There is grave danger when Christian students and youths imitate their unbelieving friends in fashion, comportment, etc. Evil company will corrupt their good manner. (I Corinthians l5:33). The compromise of King Jehoshaphat almost cost him his life (II Chronicles l8:3l). This is in the long run almost cut off the lineage of David from being king in Judah. Other consequences of compromise are:
- Disgrace and shame. Hosea 4:7
- Dishonour: Dinah was raped and dishonoured. Genesis 34:l-2
- Disease: s3xually transmitted diseases, AIDS, HIV, other diseases.
- Confusion (Lack of peace and joy). Proverbs 4:l9
- Debt.
- Death: Lot's wife. Genesis l9:26
- Unwanted pregnancy.

Today, many youths who have compromised their faith will have themselves to blame both here on earth and in eternity. The standard of God has not changed, great judgment awaits every compromising youth unless they turn away from their sins and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.

3.     Demand for an Uncompromising Stand in the Perverse World.
Text: Genesis 39:8, 9, l2, l3; Psalm ll9:9, ll; Daniel l:8; 3:l6-l8; II Timothy 2:22; II Thessalonians 5:22; Titus 2:ll-l5; II Corinthians l2:9

Today, the Lord is calling all Christian students to stand firm in their faith. They must fight the good fight of faith like Joseph, who stood his ground in the face of intense temptation to commit immorality with his master's wife. In slavery, prison, palace, prosperity, Joseph did not compromise his conviction (Genesis 39:8-l2). Daniel was another example all Christian students must emulate. He purposed in his heart never to compromise in the Babylonian school. (Daniel l:8). This uncompromising stand made him to stand out among the wise men in Babylon. (Daniel 6:l-22). God has great plans and promises for all Christian youths who purposed in their hearts to stand against the menace of examination malpractices, s3xual perversion and all manner of decadence. Ruth, Esther and Philip's daughters also stood out in their generation without compromising their moral stand and profession of faith in the Almighty God (Ruth l:l6-l8; Esther 2:l0, 20; Acts 2l:9). All Christian students will be able to constantly maintain an uncompromising stand when they always:
i. read and meditate on the word of God (Joshua l:8; II Timothy 2:l5).
ii. avoid unequal yoke with unbelievers (II Corinthians 6:l4).
iii. pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:l7).
iv. fellowship with other believers (Hebrews l0:25).
v. trust in Jesus to sustain them (Proverbs 3:5).
vi. continue to grow in faith and grace (II Peter 3:l8). May God help all Christian youths and students to heed this clarion call for an uncompromising stand in this perverse world. No one can ever regret for standing for God but untold regrets and pains await every youth, here on earth and eternity, if they compromise with this fallen and perverse world.

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