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Text: Hebrews ll:8-l6.

A pilgrim is a devoted christian who is seperated from the world, concentrate on Jesus, fellowship with Him and is on a journey on earth to heaven.Many things engage the attention of the believer in his pilgrimage here on earth.Some of these things are not sinful in themselves, but are deadly and harmful to our Christian life and faith.They include things of this world, trials, troubles and struggles of this world, money, fame and pleasures, etc.As pilgrims here on earth, having heaven in view as our everlasting (eternal) home, we are to set our "affection on things above (heavenly), not on things on the earth", neither are we to be conformed to this world, nor love the things of the world.

Our pilgrimage on earth commences with seperation from the world, concentrating on Jesus and fellowship with Him.Worldliness of any kind, must be put to death and not managed, for we cannot play with fire (sin) and not be burnt.The evidence of the death of worldliness in our life is a change in desires and in love, through the redemptive power of Christ.As we grow in Christ and in love for Him, our love and desires for the things of the world diminishes.

   Our focus and thinkings should be heavenly.Only the heavenly minded pilgrims will have the patience to continue faithfully and willingly with God when the journey gets tough.The journey will surely gets tough because, the devil will not want to see yov enter heaven just like that.That Bible also affirms it that "from the time of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence enter it by force." It is when we concentrate on things below (earthly) that we live and die with every little thing that goes wrong or that is not successful or appreciated.If we focus continually on the things of this word, its trials, troubles and struggles, its money, fame and pleasures, we will eventually miss heaven.

Another thing that we must focus on, is our Father's business.This include preaching the gospel, holy living, praying, witnessing and serving the Lord.This was what Christ focussed His attention on. "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." (John 9:4).Whatever problem or opposition that comes across our way as we labour and toil for the Lord, we should never allow it t6 weaken or hinder our hands or divert our attention from pressing on in the work.We must constantly look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.Let us be fully occupied till He comes.

There is no doubt that if we know that Christ would be coming back in the next one month, we would give full and consistent attention to holy living, praying, witnessing, preaching the gospel, serving the Lord, supporting His work, helping the needy, etc.Knowing full well that He can come at any moment, we should make these to be our earnest focus.For He said in His word that He shall in a twinkling of an eye, and as a thief that cometh in the night.

In all things Christ and His glory must remain our focus.We are to aim like Him - His humility, meekness, love, longsuffering, holiness, gentleness, kindness, compassionate, etc.His attitude in suffering for our sins is also a precept.Our goal should be to face suffering as He did; with patience, calmness and confidence that God is in perfect control of the future.Potential or reoccouring difficulties should not blind our eyes to God's power to help, and His promise to guide us.Negative reactions of men and discouragement are some of Satan's strategies to cause us to lose our heavenly focus. 

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