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The Bible in the Book Of Deuteronomy 22 vs 5, Says  Man should not wear what belongs to woman and woman not to wear that of men.
I need answer to this.

is wrong
@Actionbaby, you dont need any other answer, except we want to tempt God; You have got the answer in that Deut. 22:5: Because trouser is not meant for ladies and it is not native dress af any part of the world. Apart, it promotes immorality among men, talking like a man and knowing how you look to men when they see you ladies wearing trousers.
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wearing trouser by ladies this started in the second world war when they kill men so their is scarcity of men and those women would find their means of living, and they thought dressing like men would make them comfortable to do their work until then, this as now become rampant until now it has now become a fashion,styles,culture,habbit now a days. so the people of nowadays a using it for immorality. even the reason why God said this is because he already new what they will use it for, just like they will use it nowadays. 
capital NO.
@FUBLESSING, what do you mean by capital NO? Explain Further.
To the topic,its the devil's deceit that make many people think its right for ladies to wear trousers.
The Bible has said it all in that Deuteronomy. 22:5; & 1 thing remains:there's no culture of ds world dt says women should be wearing trousers or any other related dress.
lf some prove it by saying some white women wear it & some are even saying its white men's culture;this is absolute lie; let me ask u one questn:- which culture in the world takes/approves skirt as a dress for women?
Answer:white Ppl; skirt does not originate from our culture, its from white pple;why then are we deceiving ourselves due to our lust and evil thought saying our women can be justified whn they wear trousers.
Many also think they're justified bcos they see many wearing it to churches& still receive miracles and blessings; Jesus even said in His word that many will come to me on that day, saying "we perform miracles in ur name; but he'll reply "l dont know u"
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No its nt gud bcuz its even in d bible in deut25 vs 5,so it has to be followd cuz it's backed by a scripture reference
God Does Not Mention The Type Of Cloth They Should Wear But I Am Not In Support Of Women Wearing Trouser But I Have Seen A woman Who Was Wearing Trouser That Is More Righteous Than A Woman Wearing Skirt It Only Depends On What U Believe And What U Have In In Mind Like Me A Man Looking For Relationship I Wont And Never Be Angry With My Fiancee Or My Wife Wearing Trouser But What I Will Be Against Is When My Fiancee Have An Evil Thoght So In Conclusion What I Am Saying Is That I Am Not In Support Of A girl Wearing Trouser But What They Have In Mind   
@Delik Emma; you said you've seen pple who wear trousers, who are more righteous than those in skirt;can someone who kicks against d bible be righteous?
Oh !you say they are righteous because of their superficial dispositions and physical characters?
Do u even know them inwardly?
Dont talk about being righteous with trousers;u dont know human beings.
You said God did not mention any kind of dress.
Answer ds question:where is cigaret/tobacco written in the Bible?
Does it mean that smoking is God's will because u dont see it directly in the bible?
Dont u know it destroys the temple of Holy Ghost(our Body)?
What is even the main and hidden purpose why our women in Nigeria wear trousers?
To make them look s3xy and promote f0rnication.
Deuteronomy 22:5 is the standard and the bible cannot change, no matter how the world is changing;the earlier the better for people to believe this,or many will be dissappointed on the last day.
Someone was not allowed to enter heaven because of all these indecent dressings.
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Is very bad
Just4 me
z wrong 4 a lady to put on trouser.
No because it is forbidden in the bible
Its Not That Bad
@rhexy007, why are you not concern?
@Toressb, why is it not too bad?
Have you read in the Bible that its not too bad or that it can be partially accepted?
Can sin be partially permitted?
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Deutronomy 22:5 says women should not wears men's wears but come to think of it, we have trousers meant for women and trousers meant for men. The two dont look alike.
Trousers ar of difrent types. if a man wears a female trouser many will laugh @ him, so knw dat som galz ar right.
am at
I Dont tink its bad .CUS GOD didnt say trouser is 4 men
Is Nt Gud At All
is Gud depending on the

 type of dressing(trousa)
Let's be careful ladies;be frank and sincere with yourselves; coveteousness has led ladies to wearing trousers; those who said there is female trouser, why dont we have male skirt?
From onset and in any culture on earth, there's no where trouser is meant for ladies.
According to the white men's culture(where we import wearing of trousers and skirt),skirt is for ladies alone, while trouser is for men alone. Ladies wearing tousers bring nudity to our world and promote immorality in the society, because of the nature of men and the Bible cannot change, no matter the changes taking effect in the world- Deut 22:5.
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de ans is no..but ladies luv it
Sorry to say, some have a "K" shaped legs but still go out for trousers.
  These are the people abusing trousers.
  They are also responsible for the inflation in trouser market. These girls never bother to know the real price but are rather convinced by what they are been told as they make it a "good of ostentation"
even if its fits u perfectly its still a sin
The word of God cannot change no matter the technology's know-how of the world.
To me personally, my wife has never and can never put on trousers.
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They are the reason why trousers are excessively cheap. How many men do you find wearing skirts!
Spottykay Publisher
its wrong

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