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Mr Paul
The song(hymn) writer wrote:-
 "Give of your best to the Master;
 Give of the strength of your youth;
 Throw your soul's fresh, glowing ardor
 Into the battle for truth.
 Jesus has set the example;
 Dauntless was He, young and brave;
 Give Him your loyal devotion,
 Give Him the best that you have.

   Give of your best to the Master;
   Give of the strength of your youth;
   Clad in salvation's full armour,
   Join in the battle for truth."
Lyrics Author: Howard B. Grose.
Tune Name: Barnard.
Composer: Charoltte.
What are you giving to the LORD?
Is it your best or your left-over?
Give the best of your time, money, materials, strength et c to serve the Almighty God.

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A story was told of a beautiful girl; this girl has been told several times to give her life to Jesus, but she would say something like:
"l'm still young, beautiful and vibrant; l still want to enjoy my life to the fullest; l have no time for Jesus now".
 She continued in her sinful state, moving around with boys and moving around to have funs.
 One fateful day, she had hot-water accident at home and the water poured on her beautiful face; she was rushed to the hospital; on coming back home after the treatment, her face has been disfigured by the hot water and there's no way she can be as beautiful as before again. After that, she went to the church and gave her life to Jesus and now she's ready to serve God.
   This girl is now giving her left-over to God, no more the best.
   Serve Him with the strength of your youth and let Him take full control when you are still fresh.
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True and inspi
ring story:
wow nice one very insporational (
Welldone! But is that your best? Let your best be more than enough to reach out to the world.
Another story was told of a man, whom God has been calling into ministry since his tender age, but refused to listen to God's call; at a time when he had grown above 60years, he then came to answer the call of God, but God spoke to him that He doesnt need him again.
The man was rejected by God because he refused to serve Him at tender age when he was called; dont misquote this story, God can use an old man for His work, but the man in the story refused to give his best to the LORD & he was rejected.
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God, Our Creator, deserves our best; its a pity that many young people today are only running after earthly achievement and push the work of God to one side; but remember this: the owner of that your soul can take it any time He wishes to take it.
Dont forget Ecclessiastes 12:1.
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