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Do you pray for your country whenever you pray. Do you remember to ask for mercy on your country or do you only condemn your country. The problem facing Nigeria did not just start overnight so you should not expect it to end overnight but with prayer all things are possible.. Prayer may not change all things but can change all things for better mostly especialy our Heritage Father land Nigeria. You need it, i need it, we need it.

Honestly speaking , there is no space for Nigeria in my prayer .
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
Then create a space YD DANIEL
Not always, maybe special tyms
well we begin to pray for nigeria from now henceforth.
Yea i like that Gbenga thats'the spirit of positive action. You can change the world from the power of your tongue
yes i do pray for my country
I remember when i posted ,do you pray for your country,some said they do not ,some said sometimes while others said they do. Just this Morning 26/April/2014. @ 7:30am : The president of Federal Republic of Nigeria " Dr Goodluck Jonathan"and his Wife ''Mama Peace'' attended the 4TH, PRESIDENTIAL NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST. organised by President Goodluck. Invited guest are present which include The President Of the Republic of Benin.. This National prayer been organised by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was made to Pray for our country against terrorism, insurgency, bribery & corruption etc so as to ask for help and mercy from God and also to preach the word of peace, unity and love....... Prayer can change all things for good ,prayer can make a beter land in our country 'NIGERIA' for you ,me and our Children so pls lets us join hands and pray for Nigeria just as President Goodluck Jonathan has laid a good example today... May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. AMEN.
Most time not alway
Thats is the problem with Nigerians, you Nigerians just put everything in the hands of the Goverment including your life, you are expecting the goverment to be praying for you and your country regularly just as they prayed for you today...... "No food for lazy Man" if you have forgoten.
I plegde 2 9ija my coun3 2 b faithful,loyal& honx..dat'z our national plegde.we all shld try nd kip it up 1 luv 2 9ijaz
As it z said praya z d masta key.we shld try nd rememba our country wen prayn bcuz most of d apn'nz 2dy ar nt encuoragn.
9ija z a blesed coun3,giftd wd so much natura resource 4 u $ i nd our future also let'x alwys rememba our coun3 in praya
I like that spirit @ Oyibode Blessing, that is encouraging, our country can be change from one person example. The world can also be change from one person example. Prayer can also change all things in Nigeria and in the world @ large. Hope we all remember the late Icon 'NELSON MANDELA' ,how he changed his country South Africa ,and how he laid a good example for the world to see. God bless Nigeria.
Prayer z d master key.we ar leaders of 2moro let's try 2 always pray 4 our cou3 bcz nbdy knws 2moro.
yes i always pray for my country, every day. God wil chang it to a better country.
Sometimes i think Nigeria is cursed, but when i remember the story of israelites all i can say is God help us just as he helped the israelites.
Naijas Guest
Yes i have been doing that since
Spottykay Publisher
I Pray We Are Free From The Problems We Are Facing
The best prayer point for this country is that God should flush out of the government, selfish and self-willed people and bring in His own people who can rule to favour the citizens.
No matter how we pray, this country may remain the same for the next hundred years if the right people (like Awolowo) dont take over the government. We need people who are ready to sacrifice their own pleasures for the betterment of the masses; people who dont care about their stand-by generators in the Aso-rock and will fight to make sure there's electric supply 24/7 in Nigeria; those who will not mind what the generators' importers are using to bribe them, but will make sure we are supplied enough electricity and at affordable bills; those who will not mind bribes from petrolleum dealers, but will make sure there is cheap and quantity supply of fuel for citizens.
The main problem we are facing in Nigeria is the problem of selfishness, coveteousness and greediness: believe me.
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Spottykay Publisher
is buhari strong enough to handle us
I've not seen any strongness in him; first impression lasts longer; he just started and things are going wrong like this; well, only God knows whether he can still make positive change in the country.
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Spottykay Publisher
matter of time
But we ought to have seen some positive changes now; things are going worse as we can all see.
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Spottykay Publisher
yes and when time comes many tins must hv been experienced

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