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* 1 white candle
* Blood
* Full moon
* Needle
* Hair
Go outside when the moon is full and the night is clear, prick your finger and scatter a few drops of blood at the four corners, hold the candle and light it, close your eyes if you can, and chant these words:
WORDS: I now cross the great divide,
Aweken withing me the gift that sleep,
Give unto me these i reap.
Then take a little of your hair and burn it, once the smoke is gone blow out the candle...
                     Secret from
                      (FOS LORD)¤

are you not the same guy who said defeat your enemy.Look many people in this room dont do all these please stop
This is FALSE lord;we need to be very careful.
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Like antichrist,that person is a tough guy
Yes, you get it: an antichrist.
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I wanted him to state what we stand to gain after doing all these. This particular one he didn't mention should be the major step in initiation.
Yes You're Right Which Is Very Bad
Its not just bad, its suicide. Selling your soul to the devil.
That's really worst I just knew that when You said it
Its shocking to believe that people in this modern world are still into the practice of magic and enchantments.
Wow,so you're listening well done but I'm not going to read it anymore because I think you knew what you're doing is bad .
I really don't get your statement, have you been drinking?
I really don't get your statement, have you been drinking?No I'm not,it was a mistake,I did something in my profile,I ACTIVATED SHOW MOST RECENT POSTS AT THE TOP then when i scrolled down i saw your washington post as the last post not knowing your post were already at the top then i taught he replied again
Then you correct it!
Uh, Uc Browser
I Said I'm Not,it Was A Mistake I Did In My Profile Settings Of Showing Most Recent Post At Top,so When I Scrolled Down And Saw Washington's Post I Taught He Replied Again Not Knowing Your Replies Were At The Top While Old Post Were Written Under.
I Didn't Drink Anything
Hmmm, it's strange and a strange world !
We are living in a world where people do strange things in the dark.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
There is for any explanations. Simply use the "MODIFY" button.

It was too late for me to do that,the modify button has been removed already
No that's not true. Or it could be, coz you clearly have abused the benefits of been a VIP member.
May be Moderators are allowed to modify a post forever,but for me,after some times like 5 day then the modify button is gone
Everything changes with time. I was allowed to modify my own posts, even when I wasn't yet a Moderator. I cannot really explain your condition now coz we don't share same profile set up.

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