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An African was recently reported to have been irked by the seeming intransigent of his church leadership's "inhuman insensitivity" to his plight that he vowed to take his church to court. Why? This is the summary of the story: The man found himself on the other side of ugly social environment. He has become so deprived and so vulnerable that he needed an economic amnesty to continue living with his household. The situation has become so bad for him, so bad that he no doubt has started blaming his creator for for his existence. But then he remembered something.... When things were very rosy and going for him, he had for more than three decades faithfully paid his tithe to his church, while compelling his family members to do same.... No matter where the income comes from, he pays this debt to "God" through the church.  And finding no other place to turn to for succor, he thought his God should now be able to help him through his church!.... so he approached his pastor and narrated his ordeal to the pastor and requested for help. He begged his pastor to bail him out with some financial assistance. The pastor was furious about this silly request from the poor man and told him to forget any assistance from the church since the tithe he paid over the decades was not refundable under any circumstances.  The man, out of utter desperation, has now vowed to retrieve the last penny he paid to the church as tithe through the court.
What  do you think about what this church did to the man or what the man did to the church?

Chris Head Mod.
Very interesting case.. I'd rather pay my tithe to a beggar on the streets than give it to a pastor. 90% of pastors are only there 4 the money.
To me, your reaction is a bombshell! How I wish to read more reactions!... Thanks my friend...
Chris Head Mod.
Still waiting for the pastor in the house, sam7 to give his opinion :D
You're highy welcome my Head Moderator.
Both the Pastor and Man have blame to share in this matter.
The man going back to the church for help because he has been faithful to paying his tithe has made a mistake; tithe is paid & not saved and its thanking God with little(tithe) out of abundance God has provided for us- LEVITICUS 27:30; so he ought not to go to church for help on that platform, but can rather go to church for help on a neutral ground.
The Pastor needs to enlighten the man and ought not to send him away;the church ought to help the needy if 'she'(church) has the power to do so, but its true that many churches have neglected this biblical matter of "helping the needy".
@HM, you dont need to say you rather give your tithe to beggars on the streets, because of behaviours of some pastors; let God judge that Himself. Tithe is to be brought to church for men of God according to the Bible- MALACHI 3:8-10,  and its also important we give to the poor and beggars according to the Bible.
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And one more point:the action taken by the man in going to court to retrieve all his tithes is a deadly game;you dont sue a church because the pastor offends you;one needs to submit all to the hand of God to judge.
I had encounters with churches/pastors and especially, I remember when I was playing keyboard(as a music teacher)for churches, a particular church used tactics and owed me N18,000 (one & half month salary)& didnt pay me till today;if its some guys, they can report the church to mother church or get their money through other means, but I just chose to forget the money and I dont even say a single bad word against the man of God, because I respect church/pastors no matter what they do to me;I can never sue any church or pastor over anything done to me: I'll rather leave everything for God to judge;there4 let's be careful of the way we deal with churches/pastors lest we bring eternal curse upon ourselves.
And we(including we pastors) must pay our tithes,if we want to be blessed & make heaven.
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Lastly, let me ask everybody in the house these questions:-
(1) Do you know that dealing with the church or pastors anyhow can bring eternal and terrible curse upon someone?
(2) Do you know that not paying the tithe as you ought to pay it can also bring curses and eternal doom in hell(cause one to miss heaven)?
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It depends in d kind of pastor u ar dealing wit,becoz u can't see a fake pastor or a pastor dat cheats nd keep quiet.If u hav talk to d pastor nd he didnt listen den u hav to tel d people abt him.As 4 me i hav notins 2 do wit pastors am a catholic.
@Princess Ella, whether you're a catholician or not,men of God are men of God;I advice,be careful of them;look at the story of Saul and David in the Bible: despite the backslidding state of Saul,David was still careful about him saying he would not touch the anointed of God;I'm not saying this because I'm a pastor,but telling you the reason why many are carrying about curses and suffering inwardly.
If your pastor or church leader offends u,call hm wt due respect& explain your mind 2 him;dont go to the extent of disgracing him or shouting on him.
I know there are fake men of God(or backslidden men of God);but the fact is that,we must be careful; as my life is,I dont talk to men of God anyhow, eventhough I'm also a man of God: I still respect them and tell them my mind in a respective way if they offend me,but never to drag them to court or abuse them bcos they offend me;If u hav tried 2 correct bad habits of ur pastor& no change at all,d best is 2 leave d church 4 another one,"A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE".
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What abt u GOD reveal to u dat u must make dat pastor to change, hw will u do it.
@Princess, the best way of changing the pastor from bad habits (if God does not permit you to leave the church) is to seriously pray for him in your closet; you may approach him as l've said; but if that one doesnt work, go on your kneel for the pastor and pray for him; GOD STILL ANSWERS PRAYER
and God will speak to him.
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