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Text: Joshua l4:l0-ll; Isaiah 46:4; Ephesians 6:l0

Old age is a normal and natural part of life. Old age is a blessing from the Lord. We should never be afraid of getting old. When living by the word of God, old age brings wisdom that is able to help and guide others in need. The body of an ageing person may appear older, but the inside is being renewed daily (II Corinthians 4:l6). An elderly Christian never truly gets old. They only get old when they stop seeking the advancement of God's kingdom. No true believer should be afraid of old age.

1     Causes of Early Ageing Without Strength.
Text: Ecclesiates 2:26; Psalm 90:l0; Mattew 6:27,3l; Luke l3:l6

Ageing is the natural process of growing older. Yet there are certain factors that play a role in whether we will age gracefully and with God's strength or if we are going to age faster than our biological age.

Causes of early ageing without strength include the following:
i) Failure to repent from sin.
ii) Satanic affiliction with sickness.
iii) Lack of balanced diet.
iv) Stress due to over-labouring without adequate rest.
v) Poor feeding due to poverty.
vi) Careless attitude towards personal hygiene.
vii) Worry and anxiety about wayward or stubborn unconverted children.
viii) Loneliness due to death of husband or oppressive behaviour from living unconverted husband or in-law.
ix) Lack of spiritual seriousness in the area of prayer, Bible study, fellowship and service in God's vineyard.

2     Cases of Old People Who Were Strong in Old Age.
Text: Genesis 5:22,23,24,27; 25:7-8; 50:26; I Chronicles 29:28; Luke l:7; 2:37; Philemon l:9

There are numerous examples of people in the Bible who were strong in their old age. They were strong in the Lord and physically because:

i) they were connected with God having His fear in their hearts.
ii) they lived a righteous life.
iii) they served God and did His will in old age.

Examples of such people include
i) Abraham l75 years- Genesis 25:7-8
ii) Joseph ll0 years- Genesis 50:26
iii) Moses l20 years- Deuteronomy 34:7
iv) Joshua ll0 years
v) Caleb more than 85 years- Joshua l4:l0
vi) Anna more than 84 years- Luke 2:37
vii) Zachariah and Elizabeth well stricken in year- Luke l:7
viii) Paul (referredto as the Aged)- Philemon l:9

3     Counsel on How to be Strong in the Lord in Old Age.
Text: Psalm 37:25; 7l:l8; 92:l3-l4; Luke l:5-6; Philippians 4:4-7,l3; I Corinthians l5:5ú

To be strong in the Lord in old age requires some certain spiritual steps which include:

i) Repentance and surrender to Christ and accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour.
ii) Casting ones care upon God avoiding worry and anxiety.
iii) Committing yourself to live a holy and righteous life.
iv) Giving oneself to holiness and prayer like Anna.
v) Giving one's life, time and resources to serve God. Be busy for God.
vi) Joyfully interact with other believers not living an isolated life.
vii) Eat balanced diet and do exercise on daily basis.

Through Jesus Christ, the aged can do all things. Another name of God is Ancient of Days. If you can allow Jesus to be your partner today, He will keep you strong even in your old age.

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