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both men and ladiespls state what it is that you think can make any man jealous

Wealth and position are the things that can make a Man jelous, for it has been the problem of the world starting from the jelousy and enviness of Lucifer towards God, when lucifer wanted the position of God but was cast out away without a denounce of its wealth from God. Nigeria has that same problem of Jelousy ,for everytribe wants to be the ruler, leader and not the followers, and it is now a circulated flow of Jelousy in every man private life.
When theis girl frnds has being takeing alway from them
When people are frnds & does d same work d other is being promoted 2 a high level nd he is still same place .
Not just Human! ''Jehova''GOD is a Jelous God. For only him as the power to cast the body and soul in everlasting Hell.
a man can be jealous when his wife is having an affair with another man.
when he goes out and sees things that his wife or relative have denied him of.& a man can be jealous when he's poor &
the people he keeps as friends are more richer than him
When his partner is too close to another man.
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