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For how long have you being in friendship before dating each other?
If you don't pass through friendship stage before getting into relationship, your relationship may not last.
When you take someone as your friend, you would have known what he/she can do and what they can't do; by that time you can introduce relationship, because both of you have understood each other better.
Friendship is the foundation of Relationship.
Thanks a lot.

There ar many tins dat can not last relationship 1) no understanding 2) no trust 4 each other 3) no peace 4) no respect.
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
1] hatred [2] bribing &curruption [3]selfishness [4]disagreement [5]pride [6]loss of trust [7]lies [8]cultism 
9]unfaithfulness [10]betrayal [11]cheating [12]disrespect
Spottykay Publisher
selfishness and lying is the main thing that destroys it
HAHAHA FUNNY @TERA...I TIRE OOOO, U CAN'T GI WITHOUT LYING 2 D GIRL U LUV, lying 2 her is just another way of showing luv, cus u don't wanna hurt her dats y u lied. bt d lies shouldn't b always at least twice a month
Ha ha ha ha ha @Daniel Michael, you too make me laugh o;
How can you say you're showing love by telling lies to a girl?
Dont you know that any relationship built on lies is like a house built on sand?
The foundation of lies and falsehood will eventually destroy the relationship.
Not even once in all your dealing with a girl should you tell her a lie. Many of you guys dont know that to get a true love or a real girl, you must be your real self and dont tell the girl you worth N1,000,000 when you only worth only N10,000.
If a girl will love you, she will love you no matter your financial status or background.
Dont believe in falsehood and deciet, or else, you will crumble.
To cap it all, the only overrall thing that would not make a relationship last is ungodliness and the foundation of a lasting relationship is godliness and sincerity.
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Some girls just prefer lies than the truth. My elder brother is an expert at dealing with them.
Well, you are talking about casual boyfriendship and girlfriendship and that opinion can work, because deceit and lies has filled the world; but for someone who wants to get a real wife and wants to know whether she is true wife-material, he must be plain and tell her truth always, because any marriage built on lies will be destroyed by deceit.
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You never bothered to ask me how I feel about it. Well if you ask me, I'll say they get exactly what they deserve!
Oh Oh !
Its "tit for tat"
I understand what you are saying: most girls of nowadays are also deceitful: in fact, a girl who dates eight boys at a time; what do we call that?
Lies & Deceit.
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Spottykay Publisher
Wow!!! Eight boys-one-girl that's a love charm impossible!! How
You said "impossible".
It's happening, but the commonest ones are two or three boys at a time.
And let me tell you this, a possessed girl(an agent of darkness) can use her power to date ten men at the same time.
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Spottykay Publisher
Everytime God needs to save us from women and we also should be very careful
They are everywhere; if one is not careful, he can easily fall victim.
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Spottykay Publisher
I hope you don't fall for it and me too
Everybody,including married people should be careful of such agents of darkness on assignment!
A young woman tried it on me in 2013 and only God helped me to escaped it:l almost slept with the woman,because she came with tactics you can never easily detect.
She is a young woman (below 30yrs) whose husband died after giving birth to a girl;she was moving close to me& with the opportunity that her daughter was in my own n/p school. I did her a favour of reducing school fees for her daughter, because she is a young widow.
By and large,she was moving close: l was telling her my secrets and she too was telling me her own & even brought xmas gift for me, but thank God my wife is a sensitive person,who called my attention to the closeness and warned me.
One day when my wife travelled,l was at home alone with this woman;it was the grace of God that paved way for my escape;l didnt know how God did it for me;we almost grapped each other for s3x,but a power was between us that day that didnt make it possible to touch.
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@Spottykay, you think eight boys to one girl? Impossible? Maybe you are just trying to make headlines again with unecessary arguements
It is possible he doesnt know that before; so we need to explain.
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If you say so, am sure the meticulous explanation you gave will do.
Spottykay Publisher
I Really Thank God For Your Safety Mr Paul And Thanks For The Explanation
You're welcome.
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Spottykay Publisher
Thanks you're also welcomed
Back to the topic of consideration; another inderance to continuity in relationship/marriage
is stinginess.
Stinginess is equivalent to sin of satanism.
Stinginess scatters relationship so easily.
I want to ask this question:
Why is stinginess equivalent to sin of satanism?
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Spottykay Publisher
Stinginess is a very bad thing but what do you mean by sin of satanism so I'll give answers
You know that satanism is the worship of satan and I mean that any one who is stingy worships whatever he has as an idol.
His money has become his god and therefore stinginess is a sin of satanism.
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