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From the understanding of who women are, talking of their way of living, women desires men capable of taking care of them both financially and materially(=>Money).

 Women from all round the world, loves dressing decently and although majority mostly focus on being attractive. What are we talking about here, "Fashion".

All women desires True love from their men.

From the above information, what do you think women love the most?

Women want men who will care 4 dem
s3xy mama*2
They want money first morethan any other tin
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
some women need both love and money.
A woman would want a man who can love her with all his heart.
The major want of a woman is true love.
Money rekindle true love
A woman wants a man who truly loves her with all his heart
@ Andy G Louis, do say money rekindles true love? Mone is good indeed and many wowen love money more than any other things, but money cannot rekindle true love; many women are sweating under Cool A.C; do you know that? Many women are being showered with money, but regreting marrying their husbands; money apart: love apart, but both are good.
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True love and money
No one is perfect except Allah ยป
Money n true luv s wt matas
it has nd alwayz b true love
A gud man nd money, sum want fashion nd sum want everytin a woman needs
s3xy mama*2
What they want is true love before anything else
Am also a woman,we need MONEY to b happy,we luv FASHION to luk good, bt we value TRUE LOVE.
Am also a woman,we need MONEY to b happy,we luv FASHION to luk good, bt we value TRUE LOVE.
Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!
 Kul reply
plz palx let our ansa b specific. To me, a gud,sensible and honest gal need true luv d most while some gals need money only
as for me,i nid true love,and intelligent guy,bcos guys wit low iq are d abasandors of poverty
Money and good s3x
98% of women prefer money becos wen u got d money u can do any fashion u they want then tink of love
Sumtimes it seems as though women need money beyond,bt i tel u 2day give a lady d whol world an deprive her of atention,physically an imotionally,i promise u,u wil lost her to anoda man,in vew days,dnt try dis with ur wife,u mit nt like d reaction
All women need to b loved by their guys,cos wen u tell dem such word like i love u,u ave givin dem d most powerful tin on earth.
letx nt say dah d major wantx of a woman z true luv...NO...dats a lie...we all knw dat almost d majority of nigerian women luv money nd fashion dan true luv jxt 4 dem to b at d high class rada say dah d major want of a gud,undastandin,head correct woman z true luv xo letx b specific here..tanx...shalom...
It Love
I guess girls would go for money nowadays coz no woman is ready to do what it should be done to have that  money the only want ready made cash and reap where view never sow..:... And i think girls will chose MONEY over TRUE LOVE except if she had had experience of making a wrong choice............
if u have excess of money in ur marriage and dh z no true lov dt moni will not be the area of fashion if a woman likes let her wear the highest cloth on earth if lov is not in her marriage she wont be recognished by her husband and dt cloth would not be valuable.true love is the hope for a better marriage.lastly without lov in the life of a woman in a home money and fashion are worthless.
Before i saw these post : something mysteriously happened today at my home, my sister was dragged home drunk, mad & silly simply because the boy whom she loves dissapionted her by breaking her hearth, maybe if i can say the love between she and the boy is over. She was brought home in a drunk manner calling the boy name ''Arinze'' when my mum, i and my other brothers, sister, friends and relatives asked her what happen to her, she bitterly replied that her happiness has been taken away from her, when we asked her what she meant by that, she replied again that the guy whom she so much love and cherish with all hearth, soul and body has abadoned her for another girl. I felt for her, i pitied her because i know how it is to be love and not to be love back, i had been in such condition sometime ago in the year 2011 when i fell in love with a girl at Abia state by name 'Amarachi' and that period was my first time in Abia state, falling in love with this girl made me to feel i was on top of the world because i loved her with all my hearth, there was nothing i couldnt do for her, although she is from a poor family so i represent myself to be her father, her mother, her brother and her best friend including her only love by providing all i can provide for her within my power but when she left me for another boy i nearly died due to that i ate poision to kill myself but was rescue back to life by my aunt who is a profesional nurse. I still remember how i cried  one early morning durring family prayer and when i was asked i confessed it was because of a girl 'Amarachi' what made me felt much pain was because the girl Amarachi didnt just left me but she made a blood engagement convenant with a boy, and that means they are going to be together forever, i felt the world has come to an end, i felt i couldnt love again infact i was so silly, mad and drunk just as my sister is drunk in pain suffering the same experience i had gone through in the year 2011. These made me to know that love can never be bought with money or fashion, millions of girls in these present world are after true love but are been decieved with money and fashions, not just that alone they are also decieved with fake love and promise by some evil and wicked guys who claim to come in sheep cloth but are in wolf cloth, some girls are easily carried away just as my first love 'Amarachi' was carried away by love which was not supreme and also decieved to do a blood engagement convenant which will affect her life and future yet to come. All are love and experience but what can one do when such comes your way is just to forget the past and forge ahead for the future, in life when one door close does not mean another door will not open, it is true that we dont value what we have untill we lose it, but it is also true that we dont know what we have been missing untill it arrive, so please dont be silly to kill yourself because of a guy or a girl, there is always a perfect woman and man out there waiting for you but the point there is that we dont realise it, we end up been silly just because of an experience which may lead us to blessing. I stand out to say and write that out of 100% men and women in the world 98% are after true love and not after materials things of the world neither money or fashion, we must always have an experience of break up with someone we love so that when we grow older we must know how to be strong in emmotion, spirit, mind and soul when such occurs, if you never have experience of something, you may not overcome it, but when it is the first time you encounter such experience you will feel the earth should open up and swallow you but what can one do is to learn from his/her experience and teach others the impact he/she got from the experience so that the person will not be a victim, eventhough the person becomes a victim he/she will know that it has happen to others before and it was overcome so why can these one be overcome. Love make people mad, it kills, it weakens the soul, at first you will feel to be on top of the world but when difficulties and challenges comes between your love it may turn into crisis in your life. Frienship last but love dont last, husband and wife divource themselves so why cant boyfriend and girlfriend say goodbye, husband and wife fight, quarrel and have missunderstanding so why cant boyfriend and girlfriend have missunderstanding, husband and wife wish never to be with eachother anymore despite they are engaged to be forever so why cant boyfriend and girlfriend end. We must learn how to find soluction to all problems that concern relationship before the problem arises and remember there is never a perfect relationship, there is never a true love that move smooth, in life one must surely come accross a person to love and must also come accross a person to hate, but what happen when the person you love become to be the picture of your hatread in mind and soul, love is the greatest of all so let use it well.

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