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Almost every marriage
starts out as a huge
celebration. Together
with their family and
friends, each couple is full
of hopes and dreams for
their future life together.
But the road to a happy
marriage is far from easy.
And as today’s divorce
statistics demonstrate all
too well, many couples
opt not to complete the
It would be easy to blame
our high rate of marital
failure on things like not
spending enough quality
time together, allowing
bitterness and
resentment to build in
our hearts and failing to
keep communication
lines open. There’s no
end to books, articles and
seminars that tell you
how to improve these
and many other aspects
of your relationship. But
while quality time,
forgiveness and
communication are vitally
important to creating a
happy marriage, if such
things aren’t happening,
it’s usually a sign of a
much deeper problem.
And until this problem is
addressed, no amount of
external behavior
modification will work.
To get a hint of what this
deeper issue might be,
let’s take a look at the
following Scripture
One of them, an expert in
the law, tested him
[Jesus] with this
question: “Teacher,
which is the greatest
commandment in the
Jesus replied: “‘Love the
Lord your God with all
your heart and with all
your soul and with all
your mind.’ This is the
first and greatest
commandment. And the
second is like it: ‘Love
your neighbor as
yourself.’ All the Law and
the Prophets hang on
these two
commandments.” (Matthew
I believe that virtually
every marital problem can
be traced back to one or
both partners failing to
abide by these two laws.
The same is true of any
relationship. The minute
we begin to focus on our
own wants and needs
over those of God or our
partner; we’re destined
for trouble.
communication problems
in your marriage? How
often do you really focus
on listening to what your
partner (or God) has to
say instead of insisting
on more airtime? Feeling
bitterness and
resentment growing
toward your partner?
When was the last time
you brought him or her
before the Lord in prayer
and truly thanked God for
your relationship?
Struggling to find quality
time together? How
about praying with your
partner and asking God
how he would like you to
use your time?
As you begin to do these
things, you’ll notice that
your focus automatically
starts to shift away from
you and your desires and
over to God and your
partner. As a result,
communication problems
begin to improve, anger
and resentment fade
away and you naturally
want to spend more time
together. Of course, you
can’t expect such
changes to happen
overnight. Your
relationship is also bound
to face financial
pressures, childrearing
issues and other
problems that are beyond
your control. But if you
commit your relationship
to God and make a
conscious decision each
day to put God and your
partner first, your
marriage will be able to
weather any storm. Not
only that; you’ll also have
plenty of fun together
along the way!
by Kevin Miller
Have you struggled to
find happiness in your
marriage? Perhaps it’s
time you and your spouse
invited God to direct your
relationship. If you would
like to do so, we
encourage you to pray
the following:
“Dear God, thank
you so much for
bringing us
together as a
couple. We know
that you have a
plan and a purpose
for our marriage,
and we invite you,
Lord Jesus, to
forgive the past
and come into our
lives and
relationship. Direct
our steps from
now on. Please
give us the grace
to put You and
each other first
every day. Make
our relationship a
blessing to others.
But most of all;
make it a blessing
to You. Amen.”
Whether you prayed this
prayer or not we would
love to send you some
great links to help build
your marriage.

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