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Mny pple tink dat dere's no diff btw Lyk & Luv bt I do blive dat dere's a diff. Lyk & Luv are 2tins. Wen u Lyk sumbdy u're jst getin 2no dat pson & tryn 2 vigo out if dere's sumtin diff morbtw d2 of u.Lyk is nt as dip as Luv, Lyk is jst lyk makin frnds.U dn't no if d2 of u're goin 2grow 2bd bst of frnds or discova dat u rlly dn't lyk dat pson as mch as u 2ought.Its 1tin 2 Lyk a pson, bt its anoda tin 2 Luv dat pson. Its gud 2 Lyk, bt Luv is a spectacular & butiful tin dat 2pple can share wit 1 anoda. Luv'll mak u do tins dat u neva 2ought u wld & Lyk 'll not. Wen u Luv sumbdy, u Luv al of dem even if sum of d tins day do drive u crazy. Findin 2 Lyk sumbdy cums a lttle bit easia 2get rid of & discova dat day're nt d1 4u.Luv runs dipa dan Lyk. Luv is mor 4givin & givindan Lyk. U wldn't jst giv anytin 2 sumbdy u Lyk,bt u wld 4d pson u Luv 'cos its mor special & precious tin 2u. Lykin sumbdy is jst sumbdy, bt Luvin sumbdy mins makin mor sacrifies, bein mor givin & bein a lttle bit mor honst wit sumbdy.Wen u Lyk sumbdy, u dn't rlly c point 2 bein as honst dan wen u Luv sumbdy. Lyk doesn't min honsty, it mins frndship. Luv is mor dan jst honsty. Its abt givin, sharin, & most of al its abtcommitment 2 dat 1pson & anybdy.Luv & Lyk are diff, bt d only tin is dat, Luv goes a lot dipa dan Lyk eva will.

to my own definition love is a compassion towards something or someone while like is the kindness or friendliness you have for someone
'Love' is about emotion and the mind, while 'like' is about taste or general friendliness.
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Eh taste rlol
Yes, taste is not all about food; its also about like.
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Okay another meaning to taste

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