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Oma had been wary of marriage ever since she found out that marriage was a necessity for motherhood. Oma was not exactly good at motherhood, she was being held in criticism by family and friends of her appalling attitude towards caregiving. That fact she knew very well.
Oma knew clearly that she was not good at loving, not carnal love. She easily lost her temper even with loved ones, she couldn't hold a baby for long without the baby bursting into hearty cries neither could she hold a healthy conversation.
Oma knew her weaknesses, but she believed that once she gets married all her weaknesses would disappear. If they disappeared, then she would be a perfect wife, mother, aunty and what have you.
Was she right? Or was she digging her own grave?
This story is about Oma's first year of marriage so we will definitely find out as we read on. It's an interesting but long story, but worth it.
It's the story of self discovery and God's intervention, and especially of reality.

Somewhere in another part of the country was Paul, a righteous man like Oma who was also wary of marriage. To Paul he believed, well not his idea but his family made him believe it, that marriage meant ushering in of blessings and mind-blowing favours from God.
Now Paul never believed that he knew the right qualities of a good wife so he always sent his girlfriends home to relate with his family before proposal.
None of his girlfriends was acceptable to his family so just like Oma, he was also single and not in a haste to get married.
One day they met eachother through a Roman Catholic Priest by name Fr Stephen.
They met on Facebook, can you believe that! They got talking, well not much talking was done and decided they would settle down.
Along the line, Oma freaked out and called the idea of marriage off. She did this because each time she spoke with Paul he exuded an air of uncaring attitude towards her unlike many other of her suitors.  Besides he was always talking about family this family that. She didn't want to marry a man that would make his family his priority, so she called the long-distance relationship off.
A year later, still unsure which of her suitors to say yes to and still scared of marriage, they met again. He reached out to her.
This time around she was emotionless, she began praying about him and other suitors asking for directions in her marriage so as to avoid mistake in marriage.
Everything was happening in Paul's favour, now Oma hated the name Paul because of an ugly incident she had experienced in the hands of a man named Paul. But since she believed that marriage will erase all her weaknesses, she believed erasing the sad memories of Paul would not be an exception.
Like a dream, they got married with both families consent. Although not without some kicking-against by some members of the family.
Married life started.
Oma was faced with reality, same as Paul.
Now Oma knew that she had to work on her weaknesses in order to be and remain happy in her marriage. On the other hand, Paul now knew he had to work hard to usher in the blessings and favours that come with marriage, not by depending on the wife.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2
In chapter 2, we will discover how Oma and Paul were able to discover that their happiness and blessings lay in their hardwork, not by the vows of marriage.

See you soon!

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